Transitions, To-Do Lists and Time – Oh My!

Surfer and Wave

Surf Your Transitions

Transitions – they are happening all the time. And they are, by definition, disruptive.

If you think about it, waves are disruptive, too.  They rearrange our beaches and shorelines constantly – but surfers love them!

So, that’s how it is with  transitions: You can choose to fight them, or welcome … and even enjoy … them.

As we transition into a new month, I invite you to embrace the process – looking back at what you’ve learned and looking ahead to what’s to come.

Here at The Time Finder, we always reflect on our top posts from the previous month.  So here are our top 3 – starting with a post about transitions titled Transition Effectiveness Tips Help You Navigate Any Challenge.  It includes an exercise for capturing and making optimal use of your best transition time choices.

What if you could face your upcoming challenges with more anticipation and less apprehension? By developing your transition effectiveness now, you will multiply your chances to thrive, even in tumultuous times.

Time management tips can be lifesavers in times of change and upheaval. Your productive time habits provide essential traction, moving you forward on uneven ground. Every wise time choice frees more of your energy to develop your skills to greet upcoming challenges.

Next up was our post about Todoist titled To-Do List Power! Todoist Integrates Tools for Finding Time. This is an on-line to-do list that’s recently added some new functionalities:

With these new changes, users of Todoist are able to sync notes, tasks and photos between Evernote and Todoist. In addition, it’s possible to convert Evernote notebooks into Todoist projects and Evernote notes into Todoist tasks. Finally, when a user completes a synced task in Todoist, the Evernote reminders will automatically be marked as done.

And with Google Calendar, users can now see Todoist tasks in Google Calendar, and make changes to those tasks from Google Calendar with instant synchronization.

Last, but not least, was our post titled Inner Critic Got Your Ear? Quiet That Voice Now! that offers tips about overcoming the messages of your Inner Critic.  Quieting this voice may be the single most powerful gift you can ever give yourself!

The Heart-based Time Management™ System goes beyond conventional time management, offering tools and insights for transforming your relationship with time. This is important because, while your to-do lists and schedules have an impact on your time, so do your thoughts, feelings, and values.

So let’s take a look at one energy-drain that most of us experience – the Inner Critic. As a first step toward time success, there are few things quite as freeing as learning to harness the energy that gets undercut by self-critical messages.

I hope you enjoy exploring these posts – and don’t stop with just 3!  There’s a wealth of timely information here, so I invite you to spend some time exploring!

And if you’ve got time challenges or questions that you’d like to read about here, drop me a line. There’s nothing I like better than helping you find time for what matters most to you!

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