Transitions Tripping You Up? Take a Little Time, and Try This Tip…


Transitions needn’t trip you up.

Transitions are always a challenge.

Big or small, expected or not, transitions involve some disorientation and upheaval. And developing new habits, or maintaining old ones, when you’re in flux presents difficulties for lots of people.

While the transition to retirement is very different from the yearly transition from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time (and then back again), here’s something they all share:

All transitions require flexibility, planning, patience, and discipline.

So, right now we’re just a few days away from letting go of another Daylight Saving Time transition. Have you thought about how you’ll manage that this year?

Transitions affect everything…

Even now, there’s a different feel to your days as the hours of sunlight dwindle. The mornings are darker, and maybe that makes it harder to get up and get going. When Daylight Saving Time ends, the evenings will suddenly be darker, too.

And that, in turn, means that outdoor exercise will involve developing a new regimen. But here’s what you need to remember — and this is true of any transition:

While the change feels like it occurred in an instant, you are still in transition.

So, making a successful transition involves developing new habits. Aspects of your old routine no longer make sense.  As you navigate your way through the flux of any transition, you’ll need to shift some of your habitual activities, too.

For example…

Think about the transitions of aging and retirement. Many readers of The Time Finder are coming up on this life change, and it’s a big one. In fact, as changes go, it may be one of the biggest ones you’ll experience in your lifetime.

In most cases, the good news is that retirement is a planned transition. You’ll have time to think about what’s coming and develop strategies for dealing with the changes. However, as much as you plan for retirement, it’s important to also be aware that feelings can be unpredictable. Making room for them is key to your success.

Your feelings are SO important…

When you’re going through a transition, big or small, make time to pause and tap into your feelings about it.

  • Maybe letting go of Daylight Saving Time is a bigger upheaval this year than you anticipated.
  • Or maybe your impending retirement is bringing up memories of how your father coped with this transition and you’re afraid you’ll react the same way.

Your emotions will either inform and energize you or, if you try to avoid them, they’ll trip you up. So, work to welcome them with curiosity and compassion as you move through the changes that life brings.

And here’s more help for you…

Retirement marks a profound shift in how you spend your time. So profound that unexpected feelings will bubble up. Welcoming them allows you to move ahead, securely grounded in your own truth.

This Heart-Based Retirement Planner helps you do just that. Using it, you’ll make more satisfying plans and choices because they’ll be congruent with your values.

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