Trapped by Perfectionism? 3 Keys to Open the Door


Trapped by perfectionism? Mistakes offer lessons, too.

Are you trapped by perfectionism?

If so, you trip yourself up at every turn.

Finding time to address everything on your to-do list is hard enough. And if you’re also trapped by perfectionism, the difficulty is compounded (and then some). Nothing is ever good enough. So that means you never finish anything.


For many years I’ve struggled with perfectionism and the challenges it brings. And there were times when I felt trapped by the perfectionistic choices that I kept making for myself.

It’s definitely no fun, and it definitely keeps you stuck.

Trapped by Perfectionism –3 Keys

I’ve been able to dramatically reduce the time that I lose to perfectionism.

It’s been a heart-based journey getting there. And today I’m sharing with you 3 of the keys that I’ve found most helpful for getting unstuck.

1. Open to yourself:

Perfectionism is, at its core, highly self critical.  Know that the root of your perfectionism lies, not in the fear that what you produce isn’t good enough; it’s the fear that YOU are not good enough.  As you soften your heart to yourself and warmly accept who you are (ALL of who you are) you will feel your perfectionism starting to melt.

2. Let Validations In:

While I generally think that self-reference is the way to go, if you struggle with perfectionism, others’ assessments may be much more accurate than your own.  Maintain a file of validations, compliments and thank-you’s that you have received for things that you have created or accomplished.  When you doubt what you’re producing, pull out this file. Read it and really take it in.  These positive messages can counteract the fear-based voice that fuels your perfectionism.  Work to take this information to heart and over time you’ll learn to give yourself the positive validations that help fuel your productivity.

3. Let go Joyfully:

Think of what you make or produce as a gift being given to a loved one.  Let it go with love and joy, and see how different that feels from the fear and trepidation that permeates perfectionism.

BONUS KEY: See Value of Mistakes

Instead of fearing mistakes, remind yourself that there’s plenty to learn from them. A mistake doesn’t mean the end of the world. In fact, it might be the beginning of a new one. Often important discoveries come from projects that went awry. If you’re trapped by perfectionism, you won’t see the benefits an imperfect undertaking might yield.

I hope that these keys will help get you moving productively and joyfully toward your goals.  Beating perfectionism means knowing in your heart of hearts that you are plenty good enough and that what you create and offer to the world from your heart is a gift to be cherished.

So, how will you get started today?

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