Your Travel Template Helps You Plan for Summer Fun

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Your travel template is your roadmap.

What’s a travel template?

Well, think about this: when you travel, how much of a hassle is it to pack and prepare?

Do you feel like you spend half your time before a vacation or trip basically reinventing the wheel?

If deciding what to pack and what to leave at home creates travel angst for you, then a travel template may be just the thing. Read on to discover some ideas to help you create one for yourself.

A travel template helps with the variables.

Getting organized for a vacation or for traveling is often a planning challenge because there are so many variables involved.

For starters you need to consider things like:

  • How long you’ll be gone,
  • The purpose of your trip,
  • The climate and season,
  • Events you’ll be participating in, and
  • Other key details.

And then, if you’re not traveling alone, are there others you need to help prepare? Is this a sudden trip or a long-planned vacation?

Self-knowledge is important.

Factor in what you know about yourself, too. For example, if you’ve learned over the years that you tend to over-pack, you can weed out some of the ‘extras.’

And when it comes to creating your travel template, you’ll want to be very specific about details like how many pairs of socks to bring. Or it might mean stopping yourself at various points along the way, as you reflexively add ‘just one more’ last-minute item.

There’s a lot to consider as you organize for any vacation or trip.

Here are 5 travel template tips:

  • Create a generic travel template for each different type of trip that you take. You might have a vacation template, along with business, family visit, or weekend getaway templates.
  • If you help other family members prepare for travel, have individualized templates for each of them on your computer, too. (I suggest that you keep all of these travel templates on your computer because it is so easy to tweak them there.)
  • Once you have the generic templates in place, get more specific. What are you adding or taking away for this particular trip? You can file your specific templates by date, person, category – whatever works for you.
  • Create one basic template for “sudden travel” so that you have a guide for trips that you might need to make in an emergency. A template serves as a dependable guide when you are stressed and may not be thinking clearly.
  • When your trip is over, be sure to revisit your travel template and make any changes that will be helpful next time. Are there things you didn’t have but want to be sure to remember for your next trip? Now’s the time to add them.

Try it for yourself…

Templates are great for many, many purposes, and for travel they are wonderful, as there are so many details to remember, many of which don’t often change.

Try creating a travel template for yourself. And please let me know how it works – what do you learn?

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