2 Time-Tested Techniques Trounce Time Lies

Trounce Time LiesOur killer time lies can loom pretty large in our own lives. But that’s only because they dovetail with our personal histories and blind spots.

In fact, you may have noticed that it’s much easier to name someone else’s contradictions than to see your own.  Since you don’t live inside of them, others’ time lies can look pretty stark.  In addition, you have no investment in those “erroneous zones” – so they are easily visible to you.

When looking at your own time lies and distortions, things get quite a bit murkier.  But don’t let that stop you!  Just remember that your false assumptions are flimsy.  Once you let yourself see them, that becomes clear, and you can proceed with that confidence to change your thinking.

First, Dive Beneath The Script of Your Time Lies by Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart.

One potent way to rob your time lies of their power is to establish a direct dialogue with your clear thinking, Adult Voice. By listening to this grounded, factual input and refusing to engage with your distorted ideas, you deprive your time lies of both a voice and a vote!

In this instance, your Adult Voice weakens old assumptions by inviting your inner wisdom to weigh in at key points. Here are some questions to help activate your adult voice and counter your time lies:

  • How do I experience time abundance? Make a quick list of some situations you remember.
  • Where in my body do I experience “having enough time”? Describe how that feels – and let yourself feel it now.
  • How can I invite more such moments into my life?  List ideas and take action on one of them.

Second, Turn Your Killer Time Lies Inside Out.

When you travel in circles, caught in a mind rut, consider this: expressing the opposite sentiment often stimulates creative and analytical thinking. Try these ideas on for size:

  • Choose one of your time lies and ask yourself, “What is the exact opposite of this killer time lie?”
  • Pay attention to what changes when you speak this fresh idea out loud.
  • How do you feel when you picture yourself living in a way that boldly contradicts this, or other time lies that hobble you? And what does this tell you?

When you catch your distortions and tap into your heart’s wisdom, your killer time lies lose their ability to undermine you and sap your potential. So step into your own proactive power today!

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