Truth Serum for Perfectionistic Poison

truth serum bottle

Truth serum – your antidote to perfectionistic poison.

Truth serum is what you need if your life is infected with perfectionistic poison.

And truth serum is what we shared recently in our post titled “Perfection Paralysis – Overcome It with 3 Tips.”

You see, many of us (myself included) carry inside what I call a perfectionist sub-self. This sub-self gives us messages and supports time choices  that all conspire to reinforce the insidious paralysis of perfectionism.

If you’re someone who knows this challenge from the inside-out, then you know that it really does poison your moments and hamper your productivity and creativity.

And truth is the enemy of any distortion – which is exactly what perfectionism is.

So today I want to share two more tips to help you address this poison – and you can think of them as truth serum, geared to helping you see clearly and get your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Truth Serum #1:

You needn’t victimize yourself with your own success.

Once you have succeeded at a task, you may feel you have to meet ever-higher standards. This is sometimes referred to as “raising the bar syndrome”. Each effort leads only to demands for greater effort, until eventually you encounter the impossible challenge and inevitable defeat. Affirm that you remain fully in charge of your time and your goals, even as you move to a higher level of effectiveness. This is the truth!

Truth Serum #2:

Mistakes are NOT the enemy!

Perfectionists often judge mistakes as bad. In reality, mistakes present a valuable avenue for evolution. If you don’t risk enough to make these mistakes, how do you ever learn? And if you don’t acknowledge your mistakes, their gifts go unopened. Allow yourself the freedom to engage wholeheartedly, and enjoy the thrill of discovery!

Your particular brand of perfectionism is unique to you and is part of a deeply personal story. The good news is that you are free, at any point in the narrative, to step in and start rewriting that story. As you do this, you’ll see that, as with any story, its power is derived from the meaning you give it.

So it follows that as you delve down and strip away the symbolic importance from “perfection” in your life, the less power perfectionism will have over you and over your time choices.

Truth Serum Bonus

Here’s a powerful way to expose your perfectionism’s distortions and false promises. Just take a moment and complete these sentences, and know that the faster you work the more likely you are to reveal new material to yourself.

1. Doing something perfectly means I am _______________________.

2. When I don’t do something perfectly, then __________________.

3. The burden of perfectionism is _____________________________.

And now, here are two final steps, reprised from our earlier post. The first step provides the beginning of a path, while the second helps energize and motivate you for the work ahead:

1. List 2 things you can do right now to reduce your perfectionism.

_____________________________ ____________________________

2. Describe how your life will change if you reduce your perfectionism. What will be the gains?


Here’s to your time success!

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