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Twitter tools for you!

Twitter is a powerful social media tool that you’ll definitely want to be using if you’re an on-line entrepreneur.

And I recently read of a Twitter client for Windows that sounds like it could be a winner.

It’s called Aeries and it offers lots of flexibility and scope whether you’re a dabbler or a power-user.

Here’s what’s available in the latest version of Aeries, according to the information about Aeries on the Windows Store website:

Twitter Capabilities on Aeries

  • Universal Windows Platform (Desktop!)
  • Streaming real-time updates over WiFi
  • Sunset mode automatically switching themes
  • Direct message image support and unlimited character count
  • Advanced filters for users, keywords and clients
  • Rewritten for massive performance and stability improvements
  • New design for Windows 10
  • Custom options to bookmark tweets for later
  • Translate tweets
  • Completely customizable gestures and appearance
  • New user profile design
  • Improved background tasks
  • Manage your timelines in sections
  • Unlimited user accounts

It takes a bit of time to get set up, in our experience. But once you’re up and running, this tool offers you quite a bit of power at your fingertips.

Twitter and StormIt

Interestingly, the other Twitter app that we were looking at this morning was StormIt. And while this tool is available just for Android devices at this time (via Google Play) we hope to see its availability expanded.

What StormIt does is make tweet storming very easy to do. What is tweet storming?  It means posting a series of tweets (a tweet storm) that are meant to be read together.

StormIt, as noted above, is only available on Android mobile devices at present – but we were pleased to learn that Aeries offers a similar capacity as part of their recent upgrade.

Aeries is available for Windows at a cost of $2.99. We’re still experimenting with it, but it seems to be a useful tool and one that may urn into a real time-saver in the end. In particular, we love the idea of creating some tweet storms to offer our followers more in-depth material on Twitter.

What do you think?

And if Twitter is one of your go-to on-line tools, you are probably well aware of how easy it is to get caught up in the tweets and lose precious time. I call it the Twitter Time Trap – and it’s very real!

The good news is that you can eliminate the frustration of this Time Trap.

I’ve developed an immediately downloadable time tool that put your very own, step-by-step, time-saving guide right into your hands. It will help you create your Twitter Time Plan to optimize your Twitter Time and avoid falling into any time traps while maintaining your focus on your on-line tasks.

Learn more HERE!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Aeries or StormIt, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.


  1. Hi Paula – These seem like good tools. I look forward to exploring and using the tweet storm feature. Thanks for sharing this!

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