Twitter Time on Vine and vinepeek for Fun This Cyber Monday!

Twitter and VineTwitter has come up with something new.

This may revolutionize our view of videos in much the way the 140-character Tweet changed how many people think about text-based communication. 

So, what has Twitter come up with?

It’s an application called Vine (currently available only for iOS) that allows users to quickly create and share 6-second videos on Twitter, Facebook, and on the Vine app itself.  You can read a very comprehensive review of Vine and how it may fit in with Twitter and the rest of the social networking landscape in this article from PC Magazine.

As well, there are helpful “How-To” pieces on both PC Magazine and Mashable.  It isn’t clear how this new application will take hold, but read on, because vinepeek is something you will definitely want to see for yourself!

Twitter, Vine, vinepeek and Time

Twitter and Vine force users to be succinct – and that may be putting it mildly.  Part of what I found fascinating, as I perused some of the videos that people have posted on Vine, was the variety and creativity embedded in these 6-second snippets of life.

And this is brought home most vividly by vinepeek.  vinepeek is not affiliated with Twitter or with Vine, but to my mind it reflects the power and possibility of Vine better than the application itself does at the moment.

When you visit vinepeek you will see a constant stream of Vines from around the world.  These appear in real time, just as they are posted.  They give a fascinating glimpse of what is happening in-this-moment, in every corner of the world.  You’ll see commuters in Singapore, a rugby match in Dublin, and someone eating dinner in Boise.

Here’s how the vinepeek folks describe what you see:

vinepeek shows you newly posted Vines in realtime. Sit back and watch the world in 6 second bites. Best viewed on a desktop browser. This stream is coming straight from Vine and is unmoderated. You have been warned! 🙂

Have you made a Vine yet?  What do you think of vinepeek?  (If you take a look at vinepeek, I suggest that you set a timer or use one of your time tracking tools – because it’s easy to lose time there!)

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