Ultimate Blog Challenge Starts Today – Are You In?

The Ultimate Blog Challenge starts today, and here at The Time Finder we are excited and, honestly, a little nervous to be stepping up to the plate.

The Blog Challenge involves sharing a blog post for each day in the month of  October.

That’s 31 posts.  They don’t have to appear once a day, but I suspect that that is what most folks will be doing.  For us, that will be an increase of 4 posts a week over our normal schedule.

So that’s the time management challenge, in a nutshell.  For us, and most of the other bloggers participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, time will be at a premium, because we are significantly increasing our output, while the time we have available isn’t changing.  (If you are already managing a business that requires a more-than-full-time commitment, you are well-aware of the stretch that’s involved here.)

Ultimate Blog Challenge:  3 Timely Tips

So here are 3 timely tips that I am keeping in mind as I start Day One of this Blog Challenge:

  •  Collect Ideas.  If you don’t already have a stockpile of ideas for blog posts, start one now!  I often add ideas to Evernote as they occur to me, or as I notice items on the web that I’d like to explore further.  With the additional time pressure of a Blog Challenge, this stockpile will become more and more important.  Just watch how you mine it as the month goes on!
  • Let Go of Perfectionism. This can be a tough one for me, but if anything can help with letting go of perfectionism, it’s a Blog Challenge!  This is a situation where the perfect is definitely the enemy of the good.  My mantra for the coming month is the pursuit of excellence, not perfection – and I think this is going to be a very helpful exercise!
  • Being Brief is OK. I tend to like to explore subjects in-depth, but I know that writing a post every day for 31 days is going to stretch me. So this Blog Challenge provides an opportunity to practice offering briefer time tips and musings than I usually do.  Another letting go, which means expanding my blogging repertoire.

So, are you participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge?  If not, I encourage you to consider joining. I’d love to be in dialogue with you as we stretch ourselves and our blogging practices!

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  1. Hi! Great post, and some really great tips! I’m keeping a list everywhere I go (though most of my ideas come at night when I’m trying to sleep!). Good luck for the challenge!!

  2. Great post, and some good tips!! Thanks for sharing, and I’m looking forward to the challenge as well! I keep notes wherever I go too!

  3. I am participating and I am glad that you came up with such points because I am a bit worried…Right, now, of to try to collect some ideas then!

  4. I’m also in because I’ve strayed from my goal of one post a week. Even if I don’t complete the challenge (which I doubt) it should be a huge increase in posts this month. And yes, I also use Evernote to write down ideas as I get them – a brilliant tool.

  5. I agree, this will be a challenge for me as well. I am going to look at it as a forced exercise to increase my writing skills and also to create content for my next book.

  6. I’ve been meaning to start blogging for ages so this is quite timely. I’ve joined the challenge now so I have no choice but to get writing. I also store my ideas on Evernote (Love Evernote!) Good luck everyone!

  7. Karin Copperwood says

    Count me in! Good luck!

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