Unexpected Boundary – A Rainy Day Gift from the Universe

rainy morning boundary

Rainy morning time boundary – an unexpected gift.

A time boundary is a gift you give yourself. That’s the most useful way to think about it.

And your time boundary isn’t a negative thing at all. It helps you focus your energies because you say “No” to what’s less important. And that gives you the space and time and energy to say a more powerful “Yes” to your top priorities.

Setting and maintaining time boundaries can be a challenging process, though. It requires energy, assertiveness, clarity about your goals, and quite often, some stamina.

So sometimes an unexpected boundary can feel like a gift. That’s what I experienced one day this week.

Unexpected Boundary Gift

We had a really big to do list here at the farm and I was feeling stressed about getting it all done.

There were outdoor chores and indoor chores, as well as tasks that involved a trip to town. Everything was about the same on our priority list, so it was challenging to drop items down in the rankings. It was just shaping up to be an overwhelming day!

When I woke up, though, I heard the sound of rain pelting our roof. And with that, I was able to let go of nearly a third of what was stressing me out. I had to; the Universe had spoken!

Boundary-Setting 101

So, anyone who knows me knows that I believe strongly in being assertive and taking responsibility for my goals, priorities and boundaries. And yet, at the same time, I believe that it’s important to be flexible and responsive to what we are presented with in the moments of our lives.

So I accepted this rainy morning boundary gift and went with the flow. The outdoor chores were mostly off our list for the time being, and we focused on what we could do.

And I think what is key in this situation, as in so many others, is to be proactive in the face of changes that come your way. Whether they are welcome (as in this case) or not, develop the skill of making conscious choices about how you respond.

This stands you in good stead, whether a rainy day provides you with unexpected relief, or a sudden new work demand throws a wrench in your carefully planned schedule. Accept the change, and incorporate it into your new workflow. You’ll be more successful and you’ll feel better, because no matter what, you’re still in charge of your time.

Boundary-Setting Resource for You

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