Untangle Your Perfectionism with 3 Assertiveness Strategies

Your time is yours

Untangle your perfectionism with assertiveness.

When you untangle your perfectionism you free up creativity and energy.

Indeed, time management techniques to help untangle your perfectionism provide untold wealth.

Because your standards are so high, time might be even more valuable to you than to many people. But your perfectionism may present challenges to living assertively. So you may sometimes feel that others rob you of your time.

Fortunately, you take challenges seriously, and the skills you need can be learned right here. So, what keeps you from owning your time fully and living more assertively?

Let’s take a look, first, at ways that perfectionism interferes with your assertiveness.

Then we’ll unpack some strategies that apply directly to you.

3 Perfectionistic Pitfalls to Living Assertively:

Pitfall #1: “I Can’t Say No.”

To appear perfect, you can’t expose yourself as conflicted or overwhelmed. Therefore, you may:

  • Fear losing face if you admit that your current demands are all you can possibly handle.
  • See any request as a possible path to advancement in a work situation or relationship, and be too ambitious to turn an offer down.

Pitfall #2: “Rescuer Overload.”

You want to be the perfect friend and co-worker. Therefore, you may:

  • Give in to requests for help, rather than take care of your own top priorities.
  • Volunteer to rescue someone in distress, even before they ask.

Pitfall #3: “Perfect Means Never Saying You’re Angry.”

This trap stifles your impulse to authentically express resentment at unreasonable demands. Instead, you may:

  • Grit your teeth and resign yourself to postponing your important project.
  • Overextend yourself and then make mistakes that take up even more of your time to clean up.

3 Assertiveness Strategies to Untangle Your Perfectionism:

Strategy #1: Be Perfectly Clear

You must substitute appearing to be in control with genuinely controlling your time. Notice how this appoints you, not the other person, as the judge of what’s your best choice in any situation. By communicating that there’s a limit to what you can manage, and prioritizing before committing, you demonstrate that you rule your time. Ultimately, self-respect earns others’ respect.

Strategy #2: Be Perfectly Human

Accepting there’s only so much you can do benefits you and others, too:

  • Your important relationships are not contaminated with resentment.
  • Others develop confidence and resourcefulness as they address their own challenges.
  • You keep on schedule with your own tasks.

Remember, you can be always compassionate without over-committing yourself.

Strategy #3: Be Perfectly Authentic

You are entitled to share your feelings. Explore ways to communicate boundaries that are even-handed, and you’ll find yourself in fewer situations that make you angry. Boundaries shape your life. So draw boundaries that fit your priorities perfectly, and make them stick.

Practice makes perfect. And by practicing assertive boundaries, you’ll enjoy your life much more. So, how will you get started today?

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