Use the Clues in Your Clutter to Free Up Your Time and Space

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Use the clues in your clutter.

When you use the clues that life presents to you, you empower yourself and start overcoming hurdles that once seemed daunting. Ultimately, you thrive.

What do I mean by that?

Well, getting to the bottom of something like your clutter, whether it’s in your space, your time, or your mind, can look like an overwhelming task.

Clutter impacts our lives, both internally and externally, in many ways.

And it also has things to teach us.

Use the Clues

How do you find the clues in your clutter?

Well, for starters, it’s important to remember that habits that we may not find helpful now, once served a purpose for us.  Or maybe they still serve a purpose – but one that we are not conscious of. 

Our clutter offers us clues about these things.  And that’s part of what can make letting go so painful at times.  It’s not just about the ‘stuff’ we’ve collected, it’s also about ourselves.

You hold the power.

The external, concrete organizing process is something you can reframe for yourself, making it a tool for transformation.

The empowering step is opening up to see what’s underneath your clutter. As you let yourself really see, feel, and KNOW, deep inside, that whatever clogs your life and has you stymied is separate from YOU, it becomes so much easier to let go.

As the purpose it once served becomes clear to you, it then becomes possible to make clear choices. Is it useful still? Does it serve you now, or is it in your way?

How will you start letting go of your clutter?

Whether it’s in your bedroom or on your to-do list, you’ll free up time and energy as you explore the possibilities.

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