Smart Planning Tip – Use Lists to Manage Your Tasks and Your Time

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Smart planning – your key to success!

Smart planning is about making sure you’re as efficient and as effective as possible, in the time you have available. It requires an up-front investment of time, and the pay-off is well-worth it.

But very often, we neglect the planning step, only to find that our day springs leaks and we’re not nearly as productive as we’d like to be.

Last week I shared a post about list-making that explored some of the different types of lists you can use as you plan for this busy time of year. Today I’m sharing some more ideas…

3 Smart Planning Tips:

1. Look at ongoing tasks.

Often people find it helpful to break their lists into categories like home, work, school, etc. And every list, whatever its category heading, should contain ongoing tasks. Even if they are part of your routine, be sure to include them. Otherwise they can slip your mind. Smart planning means always factoring in the time it actually takes to accomplish these regular tasks, in addition to the other things on your list.

2. Be prepared to be flexible as unexpected tasks and activities change your priorities.

Remember that it will be necessary to realign your lists when unexpected events have to be dealt with immediately, therefore changing your original priorities. Stay with your original lists as much as you can, but no list is ‘etched in stone.’

3. Use your lists to anticipate.

Many people forget the time it takes to gather the materials or the information required to complete a task or simple time-consuming activity, like travel time to and from a destination. Look at your list at the time you’ve set to review it. Then jot down time-consuming tasks that are essential to successfully completing the activity. For example, driving children to piano lessons or sports events may take one half hour each way. Make sure you include this travel time in your estimate of how long these activities will take. Otherwise, you may lose an hour and be rushed as you move to your next task.

Smart Planning Bonus Tip

Share your list with the other people in your life who will be affected by your planned activities.

A good idea here is when you review your list, take a few minutes to share it with your partner, your co-workers, or your children – anyone who may need to know when you will not be available to them.

So how will you implement these smart planning tips in your life? Choose one to get started, and let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear.

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