Using Task Templates to Add Time and Subtract Stress from Your Life

using task templates
Task templates will help you find time.

Using task templates helps you streamline your tasks.

This is especially true for chores or activities that are regularly repeated. And you’ll find your templates doubly helpful when you’re feeling stressed and pressed for time.

These are simple, flexible systems for managing your tasks and your time, as well as shaping your schedule.

Once you start using task templates, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

So here are some questions that I’ve received, through the years, about this powerful time tool.

Q: How will using task templates help me?

A: They combine personal effectiveness with stress management by helping you avoid:

  1. Bottlenecks
  2. Late charges
  3. Missed appointments
  4. Under-preparing for key encounters
  5. Reinventing the wheel for recurring tasks or events

These templates capitalize on what your mind does best, which is creating patterns. Those patterns highlight where you want to go and what you want to avoid in a given period of time. Your brain isn’t hardwired to recall, shuffle, and re-prioritize multiple items on the fly. But the templates you create will put everything in front of you quickly and clearly. This frees up your mind to assess your options, prioritize, and take action. And that frees up your time.

Q: How are these templates best used?

A: Any repetitive activity with multiple steps can be streamlined with task templates.

Use them as a framework for your activities. By creating templates, you develop a simple outline for your projects that you can refer to time after time. For example, they can help you with:

  1. Tax preparation
  2. Holiday planning
  3. Spring cleaning
  4. Packing for trips
  5. Tracking your finances

Q: How do I get started using task templates?

A: Follow this template and see how much time you save.

  1. List activities or projects where a template would be helpful to you, using the examples above for a guide.
  2. Select one project you’d like to work with first.
  3. Jot down each activity associated with this project. If applicable, also include all supplies you will need.
  4. Order them chronologically.
  5. Place all the task templates you create in a loose-leaf notebook or in a dedicated file on your desktop. That will keep them easily accessible.
  6. Put the template you are currently using in the appropriate workspace. If it’s helpful, print out several copies to post in multiple locations.
  7. Review your task templates to see if important areas have been overlooked. Revise accordingly.

Q: What are some more benefits?

A: Task templates are infinitely flexible systems. As you utilize them in your daily life:

  • You’ll imagine lots of new, constructive uses for templates.
  • The more confidence you’ll place in them.
  • AND the more confidence you’ll have in yourself.

Use task templates to focus your energy. Then draw on additional time management techniques to enhance their effectiveness, such as to-do lists, setting boundaries and visualizing the sequence of tasks.

What are the most effective ways you can start using task templates today?

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