Vacation Time Tips – 3 More Ideas to Find Time and Find Fun!

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Vacation time tips help you relax!

Vacation time is supposed to be a time to refresh yourself, reconnect with family and friends, and relax!

Too busy?

But it’s easy to pack your vacation time with so many activities that, when all’s said and done, you may be more tired at the end of your ‘time off’ than you were when you started.

Impossible Expectations?

Another pitfall of filling your vacation plate too full is that you’re creating expectations which it can be very difficult to meet. A few top priorities, both for group fun and for self-care keep things manageable and leave you room for being flexible when circumstances change.

Planning ahead and being open to the unexpected might sound like an oxymoron, but it stands you in good stead at vacation time, and any time.

So, for planning purposes, here are three more vacation time tips that build on yesterday’s post:

1. Pave your path with advance purchases.

You don’t want to be wrestling with logistics when you’d rather be watching the summer sunset … so as much as possible, make arrangements ahead of time for everything that you can. Make a list and check on-line for what you can do ahead.

Think about things like performances, exhibits, athletic events, concerts, theme parks, ferry trips … even movies! Taking care of these things in advance, from the comfort of home, not only assures your access but means that you can simply show up at your destinations, tickets in hand.

2. Use lists and pack light.

Good packing lists can save you time at just about every stage of your journey. Bring these lists with you for quick on-site inventories. You will spend less time fishing through bags for items and shopping for what-you-thought-you-forgot-to-pack (but was really tucked behind the dog’s crate in the back of the car)! If your vacation entails moving from place-to-place, these packing lists will be especially helpful.

3. Templates help recreate your successes.

Your life is way too busy for you to spend precious time reinventing the wheel! When you develop a good way to complete a task – be it packing for vacation or putting away winter clothes or putting together a birthday party for a 5-year old … be sure to keep written notes or an online file detailing the key steps. Jot down ideas that you want to try next time, too.

  • Was there a car game that everyone loved playing as you drove through Montana?
  • Did you realize that it’s not that important to you to spend a hour everyday reading while you’re with your family?

Whatever worked, and whatever you learned, if you jot them down, your priorities and brainstorms will be ready to review next time.

Try these tips and make them part of your routine. They’ll save you hours of time when you’re ready for another vacation.

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