Vacation Time Tips for a Relaxing and Fun Vacation

Vacation time
Vacation time=YOUR time.

Vacation time is a time to refresh yourself, reconnect with family and friends, relax and have fun.

However, it’s really easy to over-pack your vacation time. Sometimes it’s with too much stuff. And sometimes it’s with so many activities that you end up feeling more tired at the end of your ‘time off’ than you were when you started.

In addition, the fuller your itinerary is, the more expectations you create. Whether these expectations involve others or only you, it’s difficult to meet them all. And when you don’t meet an expectation, there’s bound to be some disappointment.

So, identifying a few top priorities, both for group fun and for self-care, keeps things manageable and leaves you room for being flexible when circumstances change.

So, for planning purposes, here are 3 vacation time tips that help:

1. Plan (and purchase) ahead.

You don’t want to be wrestling with logistics when you’d rather be watching the summer sunset. So, as much as possible, make arrangements ahead of time for everything that you can.

Need tickets for some activities? Think about things like exhibits, athletic events, concerts, theme parks, ferry trips, even movies. Taking care of what you can in advance, from the comfort of home, will assure your access. You can simply show up, tickets in hand.

2. Pack light; follow your lists.

Packing lists save you time at just about every stage of your journey. Be as specific as possible when you create them, and bring your lists with you for quick on-site inventories. You’ll spend less time fishing through bags for items and shopping for what-you-thought-you-forgot-to-pack. If you’re going to be moving from place-to-place, your lists will be especially helpful.

3. Templates save tons of time.

Stop reinventing the wheel. When you develop a good way to complete a task be sure to keep written notes with the key steps.

  • Jot down ideas for next time, too.
  • Was there a game everyone really loved? Write it down.
  • Were there plans or activities you decided to let go of? Things to avoid for your next vacation?

Jot down whatever worked, and whatever you learned. Then you’ll have that information at your fingertips next time.

Make these tips part of your routine. They’ll save you hours of time when you’re ready for another vacation.

And for more help…

Your vacation might leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. But sadly, although your intention is to reduce stress, the opposite is often the result.

Why is that?

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