Values Provide a Powerful Frame for Your Time Choices

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Stay in touch with your values as you make time choices.

Values are about what we aspire to.

And they function like boundaries in a way.

When you have clarity about what you value, this gives you a frame. Then, within that frame, you make time choices that are congruent with what’s most important to you.

I’ve written in the past about internal and external values. Both of these considerations influence how we use our time and our energy.

And they also have a profound impact on how we each see the world.

External values.

These involve important areas of life such as work, family, education, and health. They tend to be concrete and often will be manifestations of your internal values. They are frequently aspirations that are absorbed initially, from our parents.

However, as you develop your own vantage point (often influenced by your internal values) you may redefine these values and their place in your life.

In addition, your external values may shift and evolve, depending on what developmental stage of life you are in.

Aging changes things…

As you age, for example, your good health may become of primary importance, where it may have been less of a focus when you were younger.

You are constantly changing, and it’s vital to keep up with yourself. This includes staying in touch with how your values are evolving.

Here are some questions you can use, to keep your finger on your own values pulse:

  • In what ways have your external values evolved and shifted over time?
  • Describe how they’ve diverged from what your parents conveyed to you?
  • How are they similar?

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