Values and Your Goals: When They Work Together You’ll Find Time

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Do your values sustain you?

When your values shape your goals, you are fully in sync with yourself. This has a profound impact on your focus, energy, and ultimately, your success.

However, finding time to step back, consider your values and maintain your inner balance while pursuing personal or career goals can be a challenge.

Whether your goals lie in academia, the corporate world, the arts, your personal life, your on-line business or your blog this remains true: Your inner balance and a solid sense of yourself provide the base for everything you accomplish. They are key to making proactive and values-driven time choices. These, in turn, are key to your sustainable success.

They are key to making proactive and values-driven time choices. These choices, in turn, are the building blocks of your sustainable success.

Your Values Sustain You

Thinking about this recently, I was excited to recall an excellent post by Darren Rowse. He shared it some years ago on his ProBlogger blog.

His articles on blogging are always helpful, and this one stood out for me in particular. I clipped it, saved it, and have referred back to it whenever I’ve needed to through the years.

A Secret for Sustaining Yourself for the Long Haul as a Blogger hones in on the roller coaster that we put ourselves on when we place our sense of self-worth outside of ourselves. His post is a thought-provoking and insightful piece – definitely worth your time. The post centers on a fundamental question that many people don’t tend to consider.

Where does your personal worth come from?

If your worth comes from something like success, achievement, or the opinion of others, you are placing your center outside of yourself. That means you are always going to be off-balance.

So, how do you move toward your goals, sustain yourself, and maintain your balance? What values help you with this ongoing challenge? How do they affect your time choices?

It’s your core values that help you with this ongoing challenge. Periodically revisiting your values brings you back to your center and helps you find your direction. No only that, but tapping into your values helps you focus. This, in turn, makes you more efficient and effective.

Truly, your values help you find time.

So, step back and reflect right now. How do your values affect your time choices? How can you give your values more weight in your everyday life?

What’s one step that you can put into action today?

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