Your Values, Your Soul, Your Work: Find Time to Find Your Power

PowerFinding time to find your power is a matter of looking inside. And the deeper you go, the more power you feel and tap into.

Your own, unique power is accessible to you and only you. It informs and shapes your work and it deepens and enlivens your moments in ways that  really cannot be imagined until you embark on this journey.

I recently read an excellent post by Jonathan Fields titled Can I Feel Your Soul Through Your Work?  He is writing about what moves him in a world where so many entities, people, ideas, and products clamor for his attention.

What moves him is what he calls soul:

When I read a book, listen to music, experience art or movies, movements, products, services or ventures, I often find myself silently asking… “Can I feel the maker’s soul through their voice?”

Having a practical, useful product or service is good and important. But infusing it with your passion and values is the powerful, palpable ingredient that lets people connect with it (and with you) on a deeper level.

It’s an alchemy of authenticity. The more authentically you are YOU, the more your personal power deepens and shines through!

So how do you tap this power?  Well, there’s no one-size-fits all set of directions. Your path to yourself is as unique as you are.

But one thing I can tell you is that you need to slow down, open your heart, and go inside, deep inside, to navigate your journey into your power. And then you need to open up again, and let it out. Find the words that give shape and heft to your passion. Share it, and people will connect with it … through you.

My passion is helping people learn to relate to time through the gateway of their hearts. Time fascinates me endlessly, and through my years as a coach, I have felt more and more drawn to a focus on time and how people live in time.

Time holds everything. We all share it; we all experience it. Our parents and grandparents lived in time, and our children continue in time, long after we are gone.

Time is concrete and precise, yet it shifts and changes depending on our feelings and circumstances. You can track time with watches and clocks, and yet it is as ephemeral as smoke.

We live every moment of our lives in time, and how we spend it  – every single choice we make about our time – defines who we are. Connecting with people and working with them to deepen this journey for themselves is my absolute favorite thing to do in the world.  It’s how I want to use my time!

As my business has evolved and I’ve been able to increasingly connect this soul-passion with my everyday work, my sense of congruence has increased. It’s like plugging into a new source of power. And that ripples out.  Energy and connection are enhanced when values, soul and work converge.

So where is that nexus for you? I invite you to slow down, go inside, and discover that sweet spot for yourself.

And let me know what you discover – I’d love to hear!



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  1. Fascinating! THanks for sharing this. I agree that when we are in “The Zone” it’s amazing what we can produce!

  2. Hello

    Time can be either our friend or our enemy. Due to the fact we run out of time daily if our lives are busy.

    Very interesting piece.


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