Videos and Podcasts and Blossoming Ideas at Finding Time!

Videos and PodcastsVideos and podcasts are excellent vehicles for conveying information.

At once entertaining and educational, both videos and podcasts offer lots of possibilities for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Whether you’re interested in sharing a story, a product, an  idea, or a step-by-step blueprint for how to accomplish a task, podcasts – and perhaps even more,videos – are popular venues for all of that … and more.

If you’re a reader of The Finding Time E-zine, you know that we’ve been including audio with our e-zine for many years now.  What you may NOT have known is that you can subscribe to my free podcasts on iTunes.  That gives you access to all of the E-zine Articles that are available for your listening pleasure.  Explore the offerings and subscribe by clicking this link. And, as always, I’d love to hear what you think!

And while I’m still new to the world of working with videos, I am very pleased to share that, here at Finding Time, we are starting to explore those possibilities. We may be inundated with snow here in New Hampshire but the temperatures are rising, spring is just around the corner, and we’ve got lots of plans and new ideas right on the cusp of blossoming!

Our first video went up on YouTube last month.  It’s titled “Unlocking Your Time Wisdom with Three Simple Keys“, and I am thrilled to share it here:

I love being able to offer information in lots of different modalities, and videos provide a full and rich experience for learners that really can’t be beat!  I am looking forward to using videos more and more, as I launch new products and learning opportunities, and share time transformation tools in the coming months.

So, our second video was published earlier this month.  It gives viewers a relaxing, entertaining, and informative glimpse of what the Finding Time Success Kit is all about.  You may have noticed the image of the video that recently popped up right here in the sidebar of the blog.  Maybe you clicked the link and traveled on over to the Resource Page, where you can watch it.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself playing this video over and over because I like the music so much!

So far, I definitely have to say that this video adventure is a lot of fun! What about you?  Do you use video in your on-line work?  Do you enjoy the videos that others produce?  Or do you maybe feel nervous about creating videos yourself?

Well, my message to you is to stop listening to that discouraging, fear-based inner voice and start exploring all the possibilities that teaching and communication tools like podcasts and videos have to offer. Sharing your material in varied formats not only makes it more accessible and interesting for others – it also sparks fresh ideas and connections for you.

It shakes things up and reveals new and different facets of your area of expertise. So I encourage you to let yourself and your ideas blossom. Whether it’s videos or podcasts or something entirely different, try expanding into as-yet-unexplored areas. I can say from experience … it’s exhilarating!

So, I invite you to share these videos, and I’d love to hear what you think of them!

Here’s to your time success!

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