Weed Out Clutter with Wisdom from the Garden

Weeding a Garden

Weed out clutter a bit at a time!

Clutter gets in your way, slows you down, and adds to your stress.  And the thing is, clutter doesn’t clear itself.

You have to take action.

But the task really doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  In fact, if you make it overwhelming for yourself, you can rest assured that  you won’t even start!

Here are 3 Tips for dealing with clutter. They draw on wisdom from the garden – and they are doable!

3 Tips to Weed Out Your Clutter

  • Divide the job into sections. Surveying your current situation can be daunting, but adopt the philosophy of the wise gardener. You know that you might not be able to weed your whole garden in a single afternoon. So what do you do? You divide it into sections, and clear out a piece at a time.
  • Start with the easiest challenge. You may be tempted to throw yourself at the largest obstacle, in order to make swift progress. But you actually progress more quickly by starting small.
    • Thinking of the garden again, you know that you build muscle, rather than strain your back, by growing strength gradually. If you have ever thrown yourself into gardening after a lengthy hiatus, you know exactly what I mean!
    • So, start with omitting one or two activities from your calendar that you’re ready to let go of. Or clear a small area like a counter-top. Once you start you’ll notice the results. That, in turn, gives you a feeling of satisfaction that can help fuel your next de-cluttering effort.
  • Maintain your streamlined schedule (or cleared area) as you move forward. Remember, you are working to create a new system, so maintaining what you accomplish is key. As you incorporate a change into your routine, you build on your progress. Again, think of the garden.
    • After you have cleared the weeds, you admire your work, tend to your plants, and maybe mulch the area to discourage new weeds from taking the place of the old.
    • Take time to appreciate what you’ve done. That’s part of the reward that encourages you to keep going.

As you chip away at the chaos of your day and create more time and space for yourself, you will be amazed to see what emerges! That’s because clutter not only clogs your time and your space, it clogs your energy, your creativity, and your confidence, too!

Of course, letting go of habits is hard. And clutter, in your life and in your surroundings, is nothing if not a habit. But see what approaching this issue with steadiness, curiosity, and compassion does for you. Start small, stick with it, and reward every positive step that you make. Don’t expect magic, and magic will happen!

So, how will you start weeding out the clutter in your life today?

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