Welcoming the New Year by Mindfully Letting Go

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Welcoming the New Year by letting go…

Welcoming the New Year offers an opportunity to reflect, let go, and joyfully step toward the promises rising on the horizon. 

The key, however, is making time to do it all mindfully.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are, for many, opportunities to celebrate with friends and family.  These celebrations create occasions for appreciating and enjoying the people in our lives. 

But there’s a downside to the bustle of social activities that often come with welcoming the new year. They may hinder our ability to be present to and mindful about this profound transition.

Welcoming the New Year Mindfully

That’s why I enthusiastically encourage you to consider setting aside some quiet time for yourself. Make it time to reflect, let go, and open yourself to the coming new year.

A year is such a long span of time. And it’s been filled with a wide range and variety of experiences and feelings. 

When you sit quietly and simply open, images and recollections will invariably emerge. They offer you a reflective review of your year.  You’ll revisit times of joy and of loss, of frustration and of triumph. 

Don’t judge anything.  Let it all just bubble up and “be” as you let go of what’s gone. You are welcoming the new year mindfully.

Reflect and release…

As you reflect in this way, open yourself to appreciate and let go of the many, many experiences that have filled your time and your life in the past year. 

They are the texture of your year. They inform who you are and what you bring to the days to come. This is true, even as you relax your hands and let them each go.

How it works:

What you are doing, as you reflect and let go, is profound. You are grounding yourself in the NOW before you move toward your future. 

Why is that important?

You need to know and feel solid right where you ARE. This steadies and readies you to open and move meaningfully toward where you want to go.

Indeed, looking back is part and parcel of welcoming the new year.

  • It is a key to success.
  • You honor yourself and your life.
  • And you ground yourself deeply in solid reality as you step toward your future.

Whatever your plans, goals, and dreams, if you don’t know where you’re beginning, it’s difficult to embark on your journey.

Ready to start?

So, are you ready to ring in the new by giving yourself this gift of stillness and reflection? It doesn’t have to be for long spans of time.  I’d suggest that you start small, and start right now.

Take a few moments to breathe and let yourself open to what has been. 

How will you make time for this today?

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