What If Your Time Legacy Gives You Mixed Messages?

Your values are your best guide.

In a previous post I wrote about the importance of recognizing your time legacy.

These are the ideas about time that you learned from important people in your life. When you carry them into your present, they have a profound impact on your time choices, and ultimately on how you experience your life.

So, it’s important to bring your time legacy into your consciousness and be as clear about it as you can.

Mixed Messages

But reality doesn’t often fit into neat categories. Chances are you received lots of mixed messages about time as you were growing up. These are a source of confusion. And their dissonance actually increases their impact.

When you carry this conflicting input into your present-day life, you trip yourself up and undermine your relationship with yourself. Like a virus, this infects all of your efforts to be effective, efficient, and congruent with your time choices.

So, I’ve developed the following tip and action step, to help you overcome these mixed messages.

Tip and Action Step


Mixed messages speak loudest.

Did a family member say one thing about time and then do something completely different? Contradictory messages that confused you as a child can easily lead to “disconnects” in later life.


Do you struggle to match your time choices with your expressed values?

If so, think back to when you heard or witnessed mixed messages about time from those you looked up to. Describe your recollections of these conflicts and then record the feelings you hold about each one. Most likely, as you come back to this over time, patterns will emerge.

Let’s go deeper…

Patterns tell tales.

Maybe stories from your parents’ lives carry clues about your current situation. Go straight to your heart. What past incidents narrow your sense of possibilities?

Next, envision a path to more rewarding time choices. Ask your intuition about how to walk this path and align deeds with words.

Gradually, as you do this work, a new and more rewarding pattern will emerge.

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