What You Value — How This Defines the Ground Under Your Feet

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Discover what you value…

What you value isn’t always obvious. And yet, it’s the ground you stand on, whether you know it or not.

So making this important aspect of your life visible to yourself is key to knowing yourself, what your goals are, why and how these goals are important to you, and how you’ll go about accomplishing them.

What you value:

In two previous posts, we explored internal and external values and what they mean in your life.  If external values are the “what” then the internal values are the “how.”

Let’s focus on your external values for a moment. Making them visible to yourself is key to knowing where you are and where you want to go.

While it’s also important to identify and explore your internal values, it’s when you put them into action that they come to life. That’s where you come to see all aspects of what you value.

An exercise…

Your external values are embodied in actions. So, try this exercise to help clarify what these actions look like in your life.

  • First, write down 3-5 of your most important external values. Don’t think too hard — just let them come.
  • Next, prioritize them with “#1” being most important.
  • Then, list 3 of the most significant activities associated with each value.

That is the cluster of activities that make your external values concrete.

This is the ground you stand on. 

Think of this cluster as a values baseline for yourself. Scan those activities.

What similarities and differences do you see?

Reflect on your list and consider the internal values you see there. These are about the how’s and why’s in your life.

How do you actively manifest these values in your time choices?

What have you learned?

Want more help discovering what you value?

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