The Easiest Self-Care Boost Ever? Think Chewing.

Self-care pause
Yes, chewing can help, too…


Chewing is a self-care skill?

Bear with me here. Especially for the busiest among us, chewing is an activity that has profound benefits and that we seldom, if ever, think about.

The reality of our everyday lives is that self-care is often the thing that falls to the bottom of our list of things to address.  If you think about your current time management plan, do you make time for something healthy, relaxing, and rejuvenating each day?

Carving out self-care time requires planning, assertiveness, and solid time boundaries.  And developing these skills takes practice and is a process.

I always advise people to start with what’s easiest, and that’s where chewing comes in. It’s an easy, efficient, and effective way to build some potent self-care into your daily routine.

What’s your chewing like now?

Step back for a second, right now, and think about how you eat. Giving your body what it needs is an important activity and how you relate to it says a lot about how you relate to self-care in general. So taking an objective and non-judgmental look at your eating habits offers you lots of information.

  • When and how do you eat?
  • Are you often on the run?
  • What’s the setting, when you eat? Are you alone? With others?
  • When you focus on your chewing, what do you see? How does it feel?

Now, make one easy change…

As you observe your eating habits, you may find yourself motivated to make some changes. So, here’s one easy change that I’d like to suggest: Try chewing each mouthful 30-50 times before swallowing.

What I particularly like about this idea is that it involves making a simple time choice about an activity that is already part of your daily routine.  You don’t have to go out of your way.  All you need to do is modify and extend something that you are already doing.

I introduced this idea some years ago with a group that I facilitate.  After trying it for a couple of months, the participants reported that their experience of eating and of mealtime was significantly enhanced.  Some were also quite challenged by the change, but to a person they persisted and found it to be very worthwhile.

It’s a gift to you…

The benefits of chewing are many.  There are the actual health and nutritional benefits of being able to better assimilate the nourishment your food offers. You also have an opportunity to enjoy the flavor of your food more fully.

And from a perspective of time and self-care, this practice is of benefit because it gives you an oasis of breathing space in your busy day. It’s a gift that enhances your moment in the here and now. And that gift follows you into the rest of your day, enriching and deepening your experience.

So, do you think you could try reaching for the goal of 30-50 chews at your next meal?  Why not give it a go? The time investment is small and the benefits are far-reaching.

And this helps, too…

Do you ever feel like you’re running on empty and there are no gas stations anywhere to be found? That’s what it’s like when you aren’t taking care of yourself.

It’s an awful feeling, and one that’s all too familiar for many of us. In fact, if I had to guess, I’d say that finding time for self-care is one of the biggest challenges going. And I’ve created an E-Guide that addresses this challenge and offers you a path to creating your own, rejuvenating self-care routines and rituals. It’s titled “Self-Criticism or Self-Care? How Your Choices Define You, Your Time, and Your Life.”

This E-Guide gets right down to business as it offers questions, insights and exercises aimed at helping you come to a deeper understanding of:

  • What gets in your way when it comes to taking care of yourself.
  • How your capacity for compassion is connected to self-care.
  • The activities that are most nurturing for you, and how to include them in your schedule, EVERY day.

To begin your self-care journey and claim your copy of “Self-Criticism or Self-Care? How Your Choices Define You, Your Time, and Your Life” click below:

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