When I’m 64 — How Does That Age Look to You Right Now?

Look into your heart.

When I’m 64, how will I look to myself?

When I’m 64 — remember that song by the Beatles?

It speaks, in a lighthearted way, to the angst that many people encounter when confronting the challenges of aging.

Which side of 64 are you on, as you read this?

And whatever your age right now, how do you feel about the process of getting older.

Next month I’ll have another birthday, and I find myself reflecting on the passage of time.

I notice that, as the years accumulate, the moments seem to fly by faster and faster. That’s just one of the changes. What do you notice?

When I’m 64 or 74 or 34 — What does it look like?

It’s helpful to consider what sort of image you have of whatever age you are. For example, when I was turning 64 the image I had of someone that age was very different from who I actually was and how I lived my days then.

We carry images of particular ages from the family members whose lives we witnessed. Images also emerge from books we’ve read, movies we’ve seen, old TV shows and commercials – you name it. Those images are embedded and unconscious.

We’re not aware of them until we bump into them.

Now what?

When your image of a particular age encounters the fact of that particular birthday, you have a choice.  You can try to deflect the reality, or you can assimilate it and make it your own.

Okay, how?

Make friends with the facts.  You say, “I am turning –.”  Repeat it to yourself, letting it sink in.  This helps you get used to the idea.

As you do this, pay attention to your feelings and note areas that are particularly “hot.”  These are doorways to deepening self-knowledge.  Open them and explore when you feel ready.

So, what does 64 look like to you?  How about 47?  23?  How does the image you carry affect the way you see yourself? Do you want to change that?

Here’s more help…

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