When It Comes to Time and Money, This is Your Key

stressed time and money

Time and money got you stressed?

Are you stressed about your time and money?

Do they feel constantly scarce to you?

Putting yourself in a position to take charge of your time and money is a challenge. And sometimes it’s more difficult than others.

But have you ever considered that ‘taking charge’ might not be the best first step?

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you find yourself worrying about your time and money. Or maybe you’re in denial and procrastinating while the worries and stress pile up.

If you want to feel more on top of your spending or your time choices it’s a good idea to first stop and take stock. Taking the time to pause, pay attention, observe your choices, and find your baseline is always helpful. But there’s one more thing you need to do if this is going to work for you.

You need to look and listen and observe with compassion, Compassion opens your eyes. You’ll see so much more than you do when your eyes are narrowed by your inner critic. And with your eyes wide open, you’ll also see possibilities that you hadn’t imagined before.

Time and Money — It’s Complicated

Both time and money can be subjects that are loaded with baggage. Maybe it’s the messages you received in your family. Ad to that cultural and spiritual values, and you quickly have a mix that’s tough to navigate.

And if you approach it all from a self-critical place, you are unlikely to get a full, clear picture of your situation and your habits.  So, again, compassion opens doors that your inner-critic keeps locked.

Finding your baseline is one key part of the equation.  The other is finding time to step in and create a plan for taking charge of your life. Whether it’s your time or your money, planning is where you create your savings. And your savings give you a cushion, both for dealing with the unexpected AND for enlarging on the choices available to you.

So, finding your baseline and then planning, based on your reality, will do wonders for your outlook and sense of personal empowerment!

And here’s something more for you…

Time is pure potential. You decide how to use it; and once you do, it’s gone.  That’s why it’s so important to build on the baseline of your best time choices.

If you feel like your time slips through your fingers, then you’ll want to claim your copy of my complimentary “Daily Choices Template:  Proven Strategies for Tracking Your Best Time Choices Today, Tomorrow & All Year!

There’s no time like the present – to start moving toward the future you envision for yourself.

Let’s explore time together …

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