When You’re Stuck These Timely Questions Will Help

Procrastination questions
When you’re stuck, ask questions…

You’re stuck and it just feels terrible. You want so much to move forward on a project, but somehow, you just can’t budge.

Frustration mounts and time passes. 

Wouldn’t you LOVE to get moving again when you’re stuck? Consciously, that’s what you want, but clearly, SOMETHING is getting in the way.

Sometimes, you can work wonders by exercising your mind’s innate flexibility.

Okay, so you’re stuck. Try this…

Asking unexpected questions helps your brain transition from old ruts to new routes.

Many states of mind contribute to feeling stymied, of course. Fear, self-criticism, perfectionism, procrastination, and resentment are just a few contributors. But they tend to share distortions that the right questions can help evaporate.

2 questions to start…

Here are 5 of my favorite questions — use them as tips to get you moving again:

1) How would I encourage SOMEONE ELSE to proceed?

Sometimes, once you remove yourself from the equation, the next step seems quite straightforward. That’s because you call on a neutral, benevolent part of yourself to offer advice. This is a wonderful voice to cultivate throughout the rest of your project, particularly if you have been feeling helpless or

2) What’s the next TINY step I can take?

It really doesn’t matter how small this step seems to be; what is important is that you are mobilizing yourself. You may well find that the insights eluding you now will pop up once you’re fully engaged.

Chunking projects down to their smallest increments also helps you to assign a realistic time frame. This is an excellent antidote to overwhelm.

Still stuck? Try these additional questions…

3) What is this impasse GIVING me?

This is a great question for when you’re stuck and nothing seems to help. Friendly curiosity is the key here. This is a no-blame zone. Your goal is simply to recognize that you are ALWAYS exercising power, even when it feels like you’re stuck. And you can redirect your energy to moving forward on your project, once you weigh the actual pros and cons of spinning your wheels.

This question also helps you to revisit bargains you may have made long ago. Once you put words to them and see how circumstances have changed, rewriting those old scripts can proceed quite quickly.

4) What does my stuck place LOOK LIKE?

Calling on the creative part of your brain can provide you with a wealth of fresh insights. What image seems to fit? A roadblock? Quicksand? Or is it a menacing figure or animal? Look for clues. Try a fast drawing to concretize your vision and to help inform you.

Play with this intuitive exercise, and use your ingenuity to proceed beyond the place where you’re stuck. Can you translate this approach into a strategy that might move you one step beyond your impasse? If the project is a long-range one, you might even ask yourself at bedtime for a dream that sheds further light on the issue.

5) Where am I HIDING MY POWER?

It’s in there SOMEWHERE – your insights, courage, and persistence to succeed. All you need to do is find your power, and discover what is covering it up. Again, envisioning your power calling out to you as you explore beyond resistance and resentment is very inspiring.

You may even decide to dispense with some of what stands between you and your progress. Maybe you will discard an unrealistically high standard or an excuse you no longer wish to rely on.

Moving beyond stuck points is really self-actualization. You emerge with more confidence, clarity, and enthusiasm.

And if you like these questions, try printing them out, so you can refer to them the next time you start spinning your wheels.

Here’s more help when you’re stuck…

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