Whiteboards: Productivity, Creativity and Communication with Conojo

Whiteboards via ConojoWhiteboards offer a powerful venue for brainstorming and planning – especially when you are working in teams.

But for whiteboards to be useful – at least up ’til now – you need to have your team all in the same place.  And then whatever you’ve created on  your whiteboards needs to be transcribed somehow, when you’re finished, if you want to retain it for future use.

And how many of you have had the experience of spending hours with your team plotting out a business plan for the next 6-months … only to leave for lunch and come back to discover that all of your work was erased by someone who needed to use the whiteboard?

So, enter Conojo – an iPad app that offers some very interesting features for creating and sharing whiteboards on your iPad.

You can click the image above for an enlarged version of one of the quick whiteboards that we created while ‘playing’ with Conojo. And here’s a quick video tour, to give you an idea of what Conojo does:

Like lots of drawing apps for the iPad, Conojo offers different shapes and colors along with writing, drawing and typing capabilities, and the ability to upload photos.  These are all very useful for creating whiteboards.

But Conojo goes beyond the basics, as noted by one of the reviews I read:

Where Conojo really steps out from the other drawing apps is in the way your can share your whiteboard with others. Using the built-in “meeting” tool, other Conojo users (on your local wifi) can join your whiteboard for true collaboration. Not only can they see your whiteboard, but they can also contribute. And if you want to save the meetings discussion and progress with others, Conojo also features a screen+audio recorder, which can be saved to your iPad, YouTube, Dropbox, etc.

Conojo is not free, but a $1.99 it seems a relatively small investment for a useful collaborative app.  (Conojo also offers template packs for in-app purchase.  These can be useful if you want to get fancier with creating workflows or charts – and they range from @ $1 to $3.)

Conojo’s meeting tool and audio recorder, along with Evernote and Dropbox integration, significantly enhance the possibilities when using this tool for creating and sharing whiteboards.  It’s a relatively new app, and we look forward to exploring its capabilities, as well as seeing how it evolves, in the weeks and months ahead.

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