Your Flexible Focus Opens Doors to Productivity and Success


Your flexible focus helps you find balance…

Your flexible focus is a powerful time skill that opens lots of doors.

And it often works in tandem with your other time skills.

For example, your time boundaries and planning help you open and manage your schedule.

And then when you need it, your flexible focus opens your outlook and helps you find new balance.

Together, these powerful skills give you the ability to handle whatever pops up.

But when life intrudes…

Imagine you’re just settling in to watch that new movie you borrowed from the library.  You’ve been looking forward to this break all day.

But then, out of the blue, there’s a sudden conflict or an emergency phone call. So you grit your teeth as you juggle yet another ball, for a minute, or a month. You manage it – usually – but how is your productivity affected? Do you ramp up, shut down, or lash out?

Your flexible focus in action…

Let’s look at how your flexible focus can shine a clear light on the situation and give you a new pathway for moving through it.

First and foremost, this skill offer you a deep, quiet way to balance your strengths. Put simply, as you step into using  your flexible focus, you:

Internalize the power.

    • For your emotional demands, it’s best to cultivate flowing, inner balance. Try letting go of what’s no longer needed, and looking within to gain strength.
    • The more you tune out distractions, and tune into your core needs, the more your intuition and awareness can enrich you. The mists clear and a reliable overview will evolve.
    • Prioritizing becomes easier. I like to envision self-reliance and self-care as encircling one another, creating a compass that guides me through a changing landscape.

Externalize the tasks.

    • For the complex logistical tasks, I recommend creating a light yet sturdy framework of checklists and templates.
    • Your flexible focus helps you periodically step close to examine details, then step back to survey the big picture.
    • As you note your new insights and discoveries, you’ll develop effective new systems for yourself.

These skills are simplifiers and they reduce stress as they enhance productivity and satisfaction.

So see how you can apply your flexible focus to your life today. Start by remembering these two powerful and timely touchstones the next time you are pulled off-track by something unexpected.

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