Your Heart-Based Success is Always Right in Your Hands

Persistence moves you…

What does your heart-based success look like? 

And how do you realize it?

Well, your heart-based success is, in one sense, quite simple. It means moving from where you are to where you want to be.

I like this definition because it emphasizes the fact that your heart-based success is a journey.

And it’s a step-by-step journey.  It’s always incremental — and that’s where your power lies.

So, what better time to focus on this journey than on a day like today? Take some time, open your heart, and step toward new beginnings.

What is your heart-based success?

When I think about what is involved in succeeding at any enterprise, I often think of a quote from Connie Ragen Green:

“If you’re willing to do for a year what others won’t, you can live for the rest of your life the way others can’t.”

So, you plug away, step by step. This is the bedrock of your heart-based success. And it’s true of any enterprise, for that matter. 

But what makes your heart-based success different? Well, it’s the added ingredient of stepping back and reflecting. Working from a heart-based foundation means constantly checking in with yourself.

Are your values and energies in sync with what you’re doing?

Pursuing your heart-based success means engaging in a dynamic give-and-take between your mind, body, and spirit.

Being and doing…

And if you are working from a heart-based foundation, you define success by both doing and being. It’s not just one. And it’s not just the other.  

Here’s a wonderfully direct passage I read some time ago on the Monday Morning Memo:

We stay too busy to think big thoughts. This frantic busyness, this voluntary slavery to the merely urgent is preferred, I think, because big thoughts make us realize that we are much smaller creatures than we like to pretend.

So your heart-based success is measured both by persistence and courage.

First, there’s steadiness. You manifest this when you stick to the everyday tasks that must be done to thrive.

And second, there’s your willingness to think big thoughts. You manifest this by asking tough questions and making tough choices.

So, it’s the combination of your persistence and courage that lead to your heart-based success.

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