Your Intentions for the New Year Give You a Solid Base

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Set your intentions and soar…

Setting your intentions for the new year is different from making resolutions. Too often, resolutions can feel like a long list of “shoulds.”

But your intentions offer you a base for the roadmap that will help you make your dreams a reality.

Making a new beginning is a refreshing and grounding exercise.  And you can give yourself a boost by making sure that you’re starting with your head and your heart in sync.

When you do that, your intentions will feed your energy and help you move powerfully toward your goals.

Translate Your Resolutions into Your Intentions

Of course, new beginnings aren’t available ONLY once a year. But this is a special time for looking back, looking ahead, and planning for the future. So, I invite you to consider these tips as you reflect and plan.

Tip #1: Make your intentions believable.

Don’t make your intentions so BIG that you can’t see them becoming your reality. It’s a waste of your creative power to focus on those impossible-to-reach intentions. And it often just leaves you feeling disappointed in the end because it’s not possible to create something unless you truly believe (not just wish) it can happen.

If you do have a BIG goal but you don’t believe it can happen in a year, break it down and see what you DO believe you can create this year. Use that for your intention.

Tip #2: Don’t worry about HOW.

If you want intentions that have the best chance of becoming your reality, don’t let the “how” impede your dreams. At this stage, leave the nuts and bolts up to the Universe.

So this year, even if you can see a lot of the “how” for yourself, allow space for the mystery, the wonder, and the synchronicity. Who knows what may bring you what you want in a way you couldn’t even dream of?

Tip #3: What fuels your intentions?

Intentions need emotion and desire behind them. So aim for something that will make your heart sing. Or at least work with your intentions until they feel exciting to you.

Emotion and desire will drive you forward and keep you energized when the going gets tough.

Tip #4: Clarity helps.

When you’re clear and you set an intention, you can move mountains. And I don’t mean clear about the specifics. It’s easy to get into specifics and lose the emotional fuel that energizes and enlivens. What I mean is that you need to be clear in your own heart and mind about what you want and where you’re headed. Your intentions are choices that you are making for yourself. Get clear now and make your choices.

Tip #5: Write your intentions down.

Small or big, it helps to make your intentions real when you write them down. And write them in the present tense. That brings them right up close. So write out your intentions as if they are your reality today, if you see it as something happening “one day” it will forever be in the future. Claim your new reality now.

So, what will you do to start claiming your new reality, starting today?

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