Your Internal Critic and Your Time — Quiet that Voice to Thrive

Single Thought

Counter your internal critic with other voices.

Your internal critic doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Not ever.

In fact, the voice of your internal critic is never anything but damaging.

Critical energy saps your drive and your focus. It eats away at your productivity and is just generally debilitating.

And yet many of us allow this voice to chatter in the background of our lives.

Sometimes it feels so ‘normal’ to us that we barely hear it, as it undermines our confidence and makes us question ourselves at every turn.

Your internal critic and your focus…

I’ve been thinking about focus and its impact on productivity. The power of focus comes clear whenever you observe a child’s ability to focus on whatever he or she is doing with total absorption.

Watching a child immersed in the mysteries and delights of a book or game or other activity is so refreshing.

And it leaves me wondering if a part of children’s ability to so “lose themselves” in their activities is founded on the relative smallness of the critical voices inside.  Those debilitating distractions have not taken root yet, and children’s minds can typically be present with reality in a wonderfully engaged way.

So, how about you?

How does your internal critic sap your energy and hinder your ability to focus?

What kinds of critical messages have taken root in you? And how do they chatter in the background of your life?

How do they drain you and muddle your time choices?

What happens when you counter them with reason and compassion?

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