Your Internal Values — How They Shape Your Time Choices

Your internal values
What’s important to you?

Your internal values, like your external values, help you shape your time choices.

So how does that actually work in everyday life?

Well, in a previous post we were discussing values, and external values, specifically.  We described how they provide your framework.

In the same way that they provide a frame for what you do and the choices you make, your internal values provide the context.

They help shape how you make your choices and then also how you do what you do.

Your internal values are about process.

They reflect a way of being in the world.  Think of the external as being about the “ends.”

Your internal values, then, are about the “means.”

As with your goals, or your ‘ends,’ the direct and indirect teaching of your parents and others who significantly influenced you helped to shape your internal values.

And they evolve as you do, but… 

While your internal values do evolve, they are not as prone to change as your external values may be. 

For example, you may value integrity, responsibility, and authenticity as a frame for how you live your life.  These internal values may actually lead you to place more importance on different goals at different stages of your life, but they, themselves are less likely to change.

So, if you step back and think about it right now, can you name 3 internal values that are important to you?

How are they reflected in your daily life and in what you strive for?

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