Your Life, Your Dreams, Your Choices — It’s All in Your Power

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Your choices, your life…

Your life is created out of each and every one of your choices. So making your dreams come true is largely a matter of choice, too.

But here’s the thing: realizing your dreams requires, first, that you be fully awake.

Why? Because you need to be awake to be making conscious time choices.

Think about your life right now…

How many automatic time choices are embedded in your life from childhood?

If you pause for a moment and think about it, you will probably be amazed at the messages you were carrying. It’s very helpful and important to spot these early default settings. That’s because unexamined patterns can set you up to be living someone else’s life.

Uncover your time legacy

Take a minute or two, right now, to recall the family in which you grew up. How did the adults in your life spend time? Create a vivid picture of how they lived their priorities. Let the picture take shape and fill itself out, then quickly jot down your observations about their use of time.

  • What came first for them?
  • And what came last?
  • What does this tell you about what they valued?
  • And how do your values align with theirs?

Your answers to these questions provide you with a good starting point for exploring your current time choices.

It’s your life…

Now, here’s a vital fact to take in: Your life is unique. There has never before been a person like you, and there never again will be.

It’s your job to live out that uniqueness to its fullest, and it’s a huge loss if you don’t.

And that’s not all. Unconsciously repeating patterns you learned from others is like trying to wear someone else’s running shoes for a marathon.  It isn’t going to help you finish the race.  Just so with your time legacy.  However well your family’s time choices may have suited them, they probably don’t fully address your needs.

If there are places where you can feel your time choices hobbling you, those are what I like to call Time Traps.  And those ‘stuck places’ usually hold treasures of information, for those who choose to explore.

3 Steps

So, why not start rethinking a habitual Time Trap right now? These 3 simple steps provide a jumping off place:

  • Name one time choice that frustrates you.
  • Quickly describe how it conflicts with your conscious values.
  • Compare it with what family members did with their time in similar situations.

Following these steps gives you key information about how your Time Trap first took root. As you connect the dots between your troubled time choice and your upbringing, fresh ideas may pop up.  Your explorations energize and empower you – as you awaken into your own, unique life.

This helps, too…

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  • Who you are,
  • What you value,
  • What makes you tick and
  • How you relate to your time choices.

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Let’s explore time together …

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