Your Messages to Yourself — How to Use Them to Boost Your Energy

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Change your messages, one step at a time.

Your messages to yourself can make or break your day. Quite often, your messages may be subtle. But their impact is profound and far-reaching.

Previously, here at The Time Finder, I’ve written about the inner critic. And I’ve shared ways you can use your inner adult and nurturer to counter the critic’s debilitating messages.

Today I’d like to expand on that.

I invite you to join me in briefly exploring the choices we all make about the messages we give ourselves with the language that we use.

Your messages — the devil is in the details…

When you notice that your messages to yourself are limiting you, you always have the option to change those messages. It’s a choice you make.

You have the opportunity to make this choice in each moment. And your choice-making has the power to move you to new places.

Making this kind of change isn’t an easy process. But it’s one that you can successfully navigate in small steps.

So, what are the steps?

First, there’s the power of language:

The words you use, whether spoken or voiced only in your thoughts, are your messages to yourself. It may seem like a small thing, but these words make a big difference.

Notice how you frame things. If you find yourself using disempowering language like “I can’t” then it’s likely that will be your reality.

Next, there’s the power of choice:

Try changing your message from “I can’t” to “I won’t” and then to “I will.”

It may feel awkward, or even meaningless at first, but these  word choices transform your energy. This, in turn, changes how you feel about the action you want to take.

The power of language and the power of choice converge around seemingly small words like can’t and won’t and will.

As you pay more attention to the words that you use, and to how you feel when you use them, you’ll become increasingly skilled at wielding the power that you hold.  Consciously choosing the words that you use will fundamentally reframe your goals as it boosts the energy you bring to them.


It’s important to make this a step-by-step process for yourself.  Work to believe your messages. Take it slowly and use repetition to get comfortable with the new words you are choosing.  You need to let the language sink in and take hold.  As you assimilate this, you are creating a new base for yourself. And you can build from there.

So, what kinds of choices do you now make about self-talk and how is your energy affected? What do you notice when you change that for yourself?

Here’s more help:

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