Your Path to Power — How to Manage Changes and Thrive

challenges your path to power
Let challenges be your path to power.

Your path to power is about claiming your life and your choices. And that includes facing challenges and changes. 

Maybe events take you quite by surprise.  Or maybe you’re called upon to fill a new and demanding role.  Each turning marks a transition. And life, offering so many lessons and potentials, often topples your best-laid plans.

So it’s helpful to affirm that you can always choose how you respond to whatever life presents. That, quite simply, is your path to power.

In fact, I’d like to invite you to welcome the demanding changes that come your way. 

It’s empowering and transformative when you reframe them as special opportunities to grow and broaden your vision of life.

Change is your path to power.

You transform yourself each time you make a transition.  And from the constancy of your inhalations and exhalations to the largest life choices you make, you are always in a state of transition. When you embrace this, you take so much power into your hands.

Whether you embrace it or not, with each change, an old way of moving through your day gives way to a new rhythm. If you look, you’ll see how a difficult decision asks you to define yourself more clearly.  And you’ll notice how your relationships shift and evolve as you navigate transitions.  Flux is the watchword.  How do you act as your own good friend and guide on your path to power?

Care and compassion work wonders.

First of all, when you’re in the midst of change it helps to treat yourself with special understanding. It is natural to feel off-balance, so proceed with care.  Affirm that significant learning, though welcome, can temporarily upset your equilibrium. Encourage yourself to move forward in small steps, with eyes wide open.  This enhances your balance, as well as your learning.

Set aside a few quiet times during the day when you are processing an especially big transition. Even fifteen minutes free from disturbances helps. When you make time to return to your inner, tranquil center, you reinforce that you are with yourself.  This affirmation of self-care stands you in good stead, no matter what the circumstance. 

From that place of inner peace and power, you can weigh options that help you grow without overextending yourself. When you allow yourself extra time to assimilate changes, you greatly increase your chance of making a successful transition. Learning about your unique approach to transitions helps you create your path of power and stay grounded and balanced. 

More help with changes…

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