Your Perfectionism Holds You Back — How to Fight It With 3 Powerful Tips

expectations and your perfectionism
Your perfectionism and you…

Your perfectionism isn’t a positive trait, even though there are ways that our culture often seems to reward it.

In fact, your perfectionism stands in your way. It never, ever helps you get to your goals.

Finding time to accomplish your goals can become challenging when your expectations are so high that they are impossible to attain. 

Perfectionism, like a tantalizing mirage, lures you toward the unattainable ideal.  Does that sound familiar?

To regain your productivity, creativity, and joy, the key is to learn to identify the tell-tale signs of your perfectionism.

Which of the 3 situations below match your experience? See what resonates and then use the Timely Tips as a way to reclaim your time.

“I waste time fine-tuning things that only I will notice.”

If this is something you do, and then scramble to finish the rest of the day’s work, try this tip to help you let go:

  • Timely Tip: Develop a mantra that brings fresh perspective and a little psychic WD40  to a stuck situation. Try telling yourself something clean and simple like:
    • “That’ll do for now.”
    • “This is okay.”

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

Does that mean that you spend twice as much time as others on the final stages of a project, and rarely feel that it’s complete?  Do you make false starts but never feel satisfied with your finished product?  Or do you work so intently on some projects that the rest of your work suffers? Here’s a tip to try:

  • Timely Tip: Your challenge is to let yourself open up what has become a closed system of endless revisions. Using the positive mantras in Tip #1 helps, and you also need to take the concrete step of establishing a timeframe for completing your project. 
    • Using an alarm or a timer keeps you moving.  When the time is up, change activities, no matter what. This becomes easier with practice.
    • Ask a trusted friend or co-worker to review your work and be prepared to accept their perspective.  If they say your work is finished, let it be finished for you.  Use their feedback to help you dilute the harshness of perfectionism.

“I lose sleep at night rehearsing the events of the coming day.”

Do you find the fear of not measuring up or being good enough can immobilize you?

  • Timely Tip: It’s important to stop yourself when this kind of thinking gets started.  Let yourself know, kindly but firmly, that these standards are excessive and unrealistic.  Not only that, but they stifle your creativity and padlock your productivity.
    • Speak to yourself in a friendly, adult, reality-based voice.  Instead of putting your project under the microscope, examine your expectations.
    • Ask yourself what you think success (or perfection) can bring.  If you have unrealistic hopes, then replacing them with a more grounded perspective often deflates ballooning fears of failure.

Your perfectionism is your choice…

If perfection remains a deeply ingrained value for you, try replacing ideals of a perfect product or a perfect performance with a vision of something like perfect balance in your life. The essence of balance is learning when to let go.

As you move toward living a more balanced life you cultivate new strengths, and learn to take genuine satisfaction in living each moment as it comes.

So how will you start putting yourself in a position to let go of perfectionism and find more productivity and satisfaction in your day?

For more help with your perfectionism…

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