Your Powerful Retreat — How It Helps You Keep Going

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What does your powerful retreat look like?

What is a powerful retreat and why am I recommending it to you today?

Well, especially in our present-day world, where the boundaries between home and work may get blurry, it’s easy to deplete yourself. And that never helps, in the long run.

Productive time choices and positive energy are much easier to access when you’re feeling grounded, fresh and revitalized.  And you always hold the power, when it comes to the quality of your energy.  It’s right there in your hands, and it’s a lot easier to access it than you might think. 

Want to cultivate a powerful inner sanctuary to generate more energy and focus?  Read on – I’ve got 3 Time Tips that will get you there.

But first, what is a powerful retreat?

It’s an inner haven that I create and outfit for myself. It suits my needs perfectly because I’ve created it. And I can travel to it whenever I choose to, even at a moment’s notice.  

You can give yourself the exact same gift, by creating a powerful retreat for yourself.

What’s it for?

You use it to renew yourself and give yourself the time and space to see what’s going on around you more clearly. It’s a place to recharge your vitality and develop quiet confidence.  Here your heart speaks its deepest wisdom, and you have the quiet to drink it in.

Can you just see how very refreshing and validating this is, as you pause, accept yourself, and honor your uniqueness?  You build a trusted track record of loyalty and connection to yourself.  This, in turn, feeds your courage and illuminates new potentials.

And no matter how much time you spend there, you emerge with renewed ease and decisiveness.

I consider this kind of revitalization a personal responsibility. It’s not a luxury.  When you create (and visit) this wellspring of rejuvenation for yourself, you can draw on it throughout your day. You’ll stay much more focused, optimistic, centered, and productive.

3 tips for creating your Powerful Retreat

1. Tune into your unique ideal environment with exquisite focus.

Envision what your special space looks like and how it feels to you. Soften and breathe in clear, calm energy.  Immerse yourself in the pleasure of it — the swirl of colors, fragrances, and sounds.

2. Assemble touchstones to help guide you within.

Use your touchstones to evoke your inner hideaway in the midst of a busy day. If a recorded visualization helps you travel inward, keep it available. But it doesn’t even have to be that elaborate. Simple things like a tune you can hum, a poem, or a stone you hold in your pocket can open a peaceful path to your center, too.  The key is to find and use whatever works for you.  Let it change over time, too, as you evolve.

3. Travel to your haven as often as you can.

This takes discipline. And just remember, it always gives you power. You might start by setting aside ten to fifteen undisturbed minutes daily. Ideally, especially when you are getting started, do this at the same time and in the same place each day. Eventually, you’ll establish an internal rhythm that your body will get used to and will rise to meet. Then, as you become more practiced, you’ll be able to recreate this sanctuary on the spot, anywhere.

When you enrich yourself in this way, you align yourself and your time choices with your deepest values. So, what steps will you take, today, to give yourself this gift?

And for more help…

Have you had times in your life that just felt good to you? Moments that you would go back to if you could? I call this your ‘Ideal Day” and it’s different for each of us.

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