Your Priority Power™ — Harness It for Your Success

Choices and Values equal Your Priority Power™
Your Priority Power™ is in your time choices.

Your Priority Power™ is one of the foundational keys to your time success.

And using it well gets easier and easier, the clearer you are about your priorities.

But just knowing your priorities isn’t enough.

You also need to give yourself permission to be decisive about following through on them.  That’s what I call your Priority Power™.

So, as you reflect on your priorities, here are two questions to ask yourself:

  • What changes, or needs to change from day to day? 
  • What’s a constant, or what’s indispensable?

Your Priority Power™ is in your hands…

You see, the power lies entirely in your hands.  As you reflect on the above question, take in the reality that you’re always the one who decides.  And it’s also important to realize that it’s a back-and-forth process. Your time choices and decisions shape your priorities, and then your priorities impact and skillfully shape future decisions.

Building your Priority Power™ helps you right from square one, as you create an ideal start to your day.  When you begin with your priorities in place, you know your path and everything that’s likely to be on it. Even setbacks and surprises feel more manageable because you’re familiar with your goals and the factors you need to weigh.

Sounds rewarding, doesn’t it?

Priority Power™ in Action

Prioritizing is a Heart-Based Time Management™ Tool. It links your heart, your mind, and your responsiveness to ongoing change. Here are some benefits you enjoy when you proactively and consistently prioritize:

  • You feel safe because when you calmly weigh your options, your time choices are grounded and realistic.
  • You feel relaxed because your priorities are clear. You’ve made your peace with what comes first and what might need to wait.
  • Your time is uncluttered because when you prioritize you also simplify. The more you exercise decisiveness, the stronger your “prioritizing muscles” become.
  • You feel confident because your skill at prioritizing helps you stay nimble as new situations arise.
  • You experience inner abundance because you know, right down to your toes, that fulfillment arises from heart-based prioritizing. So, you commit to using your time accordingly.

How do you increase your decisiveness and productivity?  Are there particular practices or tools that you find helpful?

More help for you…

Do you ever feel like life is coming at you too fast and you’re getting lost in the shuffle? Are you feeling at sea and rudderless? Unclear about what your priorities even are?

Well, a time tool what I want to tell you about today is my E-Guide titled “Why Can’t I find My Direction?” 17 Journaling Prompts to Create Your Ideal Life. This E-Guide gets right down to business as it walks you through 17 journaling prompts aimed at helping you come to a deeper understanding of

  • Who you are,
  • What you value,
  • What makes you tick and
  • How you relate to your time choices.

Understanding any ONE of these things more fully is a great gift to give yourself. So I invite you to follow your heart as you clarify your priorities and find your direction with “Why Can’t I find My Direction?” 17 Journaling Prompts to Create Your Ideal Life. Click the link below to discover more about what’s possible for you.

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