Your Procrastinator May Be the Craftiest Time Thief Ever

your procrastinator
Outsmart your procrastinator.

Your procrastinator is a time thief that may sometimes seem to have as much or more power than you do. It can almost feel like it has a mind and a personality of its own.

But you know that’s not true, right?

What I’m calling your procrastinator is actually a choice or series of choices that you make. And you always have the power to change that.

Your Procrastinator and Your Time:

With all the changes and challenges we’re experiencing these days, finding time requires a strong will. Think of all the tasks, activities, and tempting distractions that surround you.

How do you finally choose what you’ll do? What do you leave behind? Does it sometimes feel like you’re a juggler as you manage competing priorities?

When you put off something low-priority, of course, you are engaging in effective time management. But if you face serious consequences for ignoring something important, then it’s time for you to confront Your Procrastinator.

Your procrastinator draws strength from denial.

The better you are at putting things out of your mind, the more unfinished business accumulates. Soon, you simply can’t tie up all the loose ends. Stress blossoms and overwhelm eventually sinks you.

But at first, your procrastinator almost seems like a comforting presence. And that needs to be a red flag for you.

Why Procrastinate?

Because procrastination usually feels pretty pleasurable, it’s always a good strategy to identify the payoff that tempts you the most.

  • Perhaps procrastinating helps you dive into something you truly enjoy, even when other activities are at the top of your priority list.
  • Maybe forgetting your challenge feels better than facing it squarely.
  • Or do you rationalize that you work “best” under pressure?

Write down what feels threatening about exercising your positive control. And remember that no matter what the motivation, the unfinished business that’s hanging over you will still poison your pleasure.

Breaking the power of your procrastinator.

To create an antidote to your procrastinator, ask yourself:

  • When you decide to stop procrastinating, what will end?
  • When you decide to stop procrastinating, what will begin?
  • What first step can you commit to right now to take charge and put your Procrastinator in its place?

And here’s more help for you…

If procrastination holds you back, you’re certainly not alone. Millions of people struggle with this energy draining time thief. Procrastination’s costs include lost productivity, lost income, lost opportunities, frazzled nerves and damaged relationships.

My accessible and immediately actionable E-Guide Book titled I Don’t Know Where to Start!” How to Stop Stalling, Get Clear, and Turn Procrastination into Productivity offers you a clear path to get to the roots of your procrastination and start doing rather than delaying — today.

“I Don’t Know Where to Start!” unmasks this time thief with exercises to help you identify your own unique brand of procrastination. And it provides insights to help you successfully address what you discover.

That’s the good news! You really can make conscious choices about your time and how to use it. And you really can change old habits and patterns. Using the tools and skills you’ll learn in “I Don’t Know Where to Start” you’ll get started and keep going!

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