Your Resilience — Learning and Recovering from Life Challenges

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Your resilience gets you through…

Your resilience has surely been tested this past year. And giving yourself the time and space to recover is key to your resilience. 

But what do I mean by your resilience?

Well, the definition, according to Merriam-Webster (on-line version) is:

“1) The capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress; 2) An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change…”

I also found the Wikipedia definition of Psychological resilience interesting, and in particular this passage:

“In all these instances, resilience is best understood as a process. It is often mistakenly assumed to be a trait of the individual…”

So, it is vital to keep in mind that resilience is a process. It is NOT a character trait. 

The very last thing you need when going through a tough time is to feel that you are somehow flawed because you are not bouncing back fast enough.

3 Keys to Enhance Your Resilience

When yu have been through a loss or an illness, or really any challenging experience, you are often going to feel depleted and disoriented. The world may look different to you, and you may be unsure of how to relate to it. This is a very uncomfortable space to be in. In fact, it’s often after a crisis has passed that we experience the fullness of our feelings about it.

So, what you need, to be able to enhance your resilience and recovery are these 3 Keys:


Start right where you are.  Accepting reality is your first step in beginning to bounce back.  Until you reach that point of acceptance, your feet won’t be on the ground and you will be at odds with yourself.


This relates directly to the ‘process’ part of your resilience.  If you are greeting yourself with empathy and an open heart, you are much more likely to find your way through.  Walking your path with compassion will ease AND speed your recovery process.  That’s because compassion allows you to find the right pace for you.  Without compassion, you are likely to try to move too quickly, and your process will come to a halt.


Whatever comes your way, a grateful heart produces a transformative alchemy every time.  As you move through your difficulties, thank yourself for each and every step.  This energizes you and reinforces your efforts.  As George Colman, the 18th century English dramatist beautifully said:  “Praise the bridge that carried you over.”

Bonus Fact About Your Resilience: 

One of the things about our human resilience that I find most wonderful is that we don’t simply ‘bounce back’ to the same shape that we had before.  We are changed by the process and come out of it with new insights and a deepened sense of self.  Not only do we survive, we thrive.

So, are there things that you need to recover from? What steps will you take to tap into your resilience today?

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