Your Resolutions and Plans — How are You Doing?

Friendly goals

Your resolutions and plans are YOURS.

Your resolutions and plans are exciting on January 1st, aren’t they?

The new year lies ahead, all things are possible, and you’re looking forward to the changes that you’ll be making.

So where do things stand with your resolutions and plans today?

As we come to the midpoint of January, what better time to check in and see where things stand?

Your Resolutions and Plans Inventory:

The following three steps are simple and offer an important opportunity to connect with yourself and either let go of plans that aren’t working for you or get back on track. This is something t hat you can do throughout the year, too, as your needs and circumstances change.

1) Take Stock

So, the first thing to do is to look back and see what priorities you had set for yourself as you looked toward the coming year.  Did you make a list?  If so, scan it now and jot down some quick, non-judgmental observations about each item.  (And if you don’t have a list, here’s a perfect time to start one.) Ask yourself some questions as you scan your list of plans:

  • What’s working and what isn’t?
  • Are there things you’ve listed that aren’t important anymore?
  • Does anything come up that you want to add?

2) Affirm and Refresh

As you go over your list, affirm and validate your successes.  The more you pat yourself on the back and acknowledge the positives, the more encouraged and energized you will feel.  As your confidence grows, the challenges look less daunting.

3) Modify and Move Forward

Remember that these are YOUR resolutions and plans.  Whatever you decide to let go of, and whatever goals you choose to pursue, this is about YOUR time, YOUR values, and the quality of YOUR life.

After reviewing your list and taking stock, modify it in whatever way(s) work best for you.  Remember that nothing is writ in stone; and the more you make your resolutions and plans YOURS, the more likely you are to follow through on them.

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