Your Roadmap for Time Traps Helps You Navigate Your Day

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How’s your roadmap for time traps?

Your roadmap for time traps helps you move through your day and avoid snags that trip you up.

And developing your roadmap for time traps is a worthy investment of time.

Indeed, getting through your day can often require all of your ingenuity. This is especially true when your to-do list is overflowing, projects await your attention, and pressures mount. Sometimes stepping back briefly, taking a breath, and finding a fresh approach works wonders.

Your roadmap for time traps…

So, are you tripping yourself up as you go about your business each day? Time traps may be especially difficult when you are already feeling frustrated, stressed, and stymied.  As you may guess, identifying your time traps and illusions proactively means they’re less likely to trip you up.

When you find that your plans and projects consistently encounter roadblocks, striving to work harder or faster may not be the solution.  In fact, zeroing in on a time trap as your first step can show you exactly where to direct your energies.  Then, as you get yourself unstuck and start moving again, you’ll work more efficiently and effectively.  And you’ll have the added bonus of having deepened and revised your understanding of yourself and of the world around you

How good is your roadmap for time traps?

You see, we all find our way through life using the hand-drawn maps that we’ve developed through experience.  Quite often our maps reflect distortions from our earliest years.

That’s why it is so helpful to take a closer look and pinpoint where your obstacles begin. Chances are that your life map needs some redrawing.  Bringing it up to date does wonders to keep you on track and reduce the impact of time traps in your life.

What kinds of mapping errors am I talking about?  It might be something as profound as trying to live your life by another’s values. Or it might be as simple as lessons you learned from your older sister about catching the school bus.

Time traps in your life…

Let’s say you always arrive 15 minutes late to an important meeting, even after making careful preparations.

  • Are there lessons about timeliness or lateness that you’ve carried with you from your earliest years?  Are you complying with those lessons?  Rebelling?  Once you identify the old baggage that you bring to the situation it’s much easier to look at the “nuts and bolts” and solve your time problem.
  • Practically speaking, it’s quite likely that you underestimated the time you needed for one or more preliminary tasks. You might try listing each step. Jot down how much time you think each will take. Then try timing yourself. Do this a few times, and compare your estimate with reality.

By letting go of how long something “should” take, and replacing it with how long it truly does take, you improve your chances of staying on course. This is simple, practical, and quite effective.

Here’s more help:

Concretize your time choices and their impact on your day with one or both of these complimentary time tools:

The Five-Column Time Estimation Template gives you a flexible and practical format for working with time estimates and sharpening your time-planning skills.

  • See where you under or over-estimate your time.
  • Notice patterns and start addressing them.

The Three-Column Scheduling Template gives you a simple and practical format for zeroing in on the snags in your schedule so you can address them and find more time.

  • Recognize patterns like procrastination, over-booking, not being able to say no, etc..

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