Your Routines — Keep Them Fresh to Sustain Energy and Focus

Change of view
Bring fresh eyes to your routines.

Keeping your routines alive for yourself can be a challenge.

That’s because your routines are founded on repetition. Repetition helps you be more efficient. AND repetition, by definition, is, well, repetitive.

So if you’ve established routines to help accomplish repetitive tasks, how can you also keep things fresh for yourself?

Your engagement.

How you relate to your routines is key to your engagement in the moment. And that, in turn, is what helps to ensure your follow-through over time. 

Staying engaged when you know what’s coming next is difficult. But do you really know?

One of the things that I often think about when thinking about tasks that routine for me is this wonderful quote from Heraclites:

You cannot step into the same river twice.

So, no action, no moment, is exactly the same as anything that preceded it, or anything that will follow. Looked at from that vantage point, even the most routine of tasks is absolutely unique, and you truly don’t know what’s coming next.

Fresh eyes, always…

When you fully assimilate that fact, you are able to arrive at each of your moments fresh, with eyes and heart fully open. You realize, right down to your toes, this absolute fact:

Doing the dishes this morning is an entirely different act from doing them yesterday. And both are different from doing them on January 17th, 1989.

Looked at in this way, your routines are ALWAYS fresh and new.

Mindfulness and your routines:

When undertaken mindfully, each routine represents both a brand new moment and a small anniversary. So you can, in your mindful routines, simultaneously celebrate a new beginning and commemorate all of the other times that you’ve performed that same task.

Your routines become rich benchmarks or touchstones. They mark where you stand in this moment, as well as how you have changed and how your circumstances have evolved.

So, now…

When you perform routine tasks over the coming days, try pausing to be in the moment and connect with its uniqueness as well as its history in your life.

What impact does this have on your sense of time?  On your attention and energy?

And for more help:

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