Your Stress: Find Freedom With Your Time Choices

Your StressYour stress is what drains your energy and keeps you from enjoying your time to its fullest.  When your stress is in charge, you rush through moments, make mistakes, and ultimately lose time as you have to backtrack, redo things, and sometimes apologize for a short temper or frustrated tone.

And yet, your stress is something that you have much more power over than you probably realize.  That’s the good news that I explore in the upcoming issue of the Finding Time E-zine!

Your Stress Profile

Yes, each and every one of us has a unique stress profile.  What puts my stress over the top may not have any impact at all on your stress levels.

That’s why it is so important to take a step back and get to know yourself better – and especially get to know what triggers your stress.  Is perfectionism a trait that weighs heavily in your stress profile?  Do you tend to procrastinate, thereby increasing your stress?

Address Your Stress

Once you have a handle on what creates and exacerbates your stress, you will be able to find ways to address it with your time choices.  It’s all about gathering the information and then acting on it … AND remembering that you are unique.  What helps me address my stress may not be useful to you; and conversely, what works for you may not be something that I need to do.

Know Your Stress Profile and Unlock Your Freedom

You can read the full article and explore your stress profile in our upcoming Finding Time E-zine.  If you don’t already receive the e-zine, just sign up for the Finding Time Success Kit before 9 AM on Thursday.  (You can sign up in the sidebar – right at the top.)

Here’s the first question in our quiz – something to ponder as you go through your day, and a key piece in helping you hone in on your stress profile:

1. You feel stress in your body through:

a. Tension in your back, shoulders and jaw.

b. Sleeplessness.

c. Cravings or loss of appetite.

d. Inability to concentrate.

e. Irritability.

f. Other: ____________________________

And one common and destructive stress-creator is the inner critic!

If you’d like to learn about the ways that your self-criticism eats up your time and energy … and change that for yourself, here’s something to explore!  My new Exercise and Guide Book titled, “‘These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!’ How to Use Positive Self-Talk to Save Your Sanity and Your Time!” offers proven techniques and practical tips to quiet the disruptive, haunting and hostile voices of self-criticism that we all carry inside.

We really can make conscious choices about the kinds of messages that we give ourselves.  This Exercise and Guide Book gives you a step-by-step path to take back your power and quiet the self-criticism that saps your confidence, your energy, and your time.

Don’t let those hurtful voices hold you hostage!  Click the link to get started!

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