Your Sudden Changes — How to Let Them Unfold Over Time

breather through your sudden changes
Don’t panic…

Your sudden changes — those disruptive events in your life — are never easy to cope with, be they small or large.

So what do you do to help yourself, when they intrude?

If you are someone who likes to be proactive and who does a lot of planning (as I do) the unexpected is generally an especially challenging visitor. 

This is because, while any change can be disorienting, changes that arrive as surprises are doubly so. 

Coping with your sudden changes…

One of the key elements in dealing with any of your sudden changes is to create the space to let your feelings emerge. It doesn’t need to be a lot of space. Indeed, simply acknowledging that you have feelings about any of your sudden changes is a significant coping skill.

Another important step is to assess the situation and do whatever needs to be done immediately to address emergent challenges and problems.  In other words, do what you can to mitigate the damage and set the base for whatever the next step might be.

Your sudden changes skew your perspective.

At times of sudden change, your perspective will be foreshortened significantly, especially at the outset. 

Your focus will suddenly shift from planning for the coming year to planning for the next moment. This is normal and actually helps you to zero in on what is needed.

And when you’re in the midst of coping with change, it’s really important to remember the following fact…

It’s a process.

Open yourself to the process of unfolding change. Don’t fight the narrowing of your focus.  It’s a natural step, so let it be. Know that as time moves forward your vista will widen.

Here’s how it generally unfolds:

  • As each moment moves into the next, the impact and ramifications of the change you are experiencing will be felt, like ripples on water.
  • With each moment you will have new challenges and opportunities to respond to.
  • And with each choice you make, you shape the next moment, and your next set of choices.

Your sudden changes may feel like they comprise a single event in time. But really, that event is just the start of a moment-by-moment unfolding that can take you in new directions that you might never have imagined.  Remaining as open as you can to this process is a powerful and empowering gift to give yourself.

So, how do you feel about letting change unfold, step by step?

How will you help yourself stay with this process? 

Here’s some help…

Change is a fact of life, but do you sometimes feel like it’s coming at you too fast? Or does it pop up unexpectedly and throw all your plans awry? Well, I’d like to share a time tool that helps. no matter what kind of change you’re dealing with.

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