Your Temporary Time Boundaries and Your Everyday Tasks


Your temporary boundaries keep you on track.

Your temporary time boundaries can help you focus and prioritize your everyday tasks.

Think of time boundaries as choices that you make.

In order to say yes to one thing you need to say no to other things in any given moment.

If the “other things” are tasks or activities that you enjoy, then saying “no” to them can be a challenge. When I need to do this, I find it helpful to remember that the boundaries I set are not forever. I will be able to come back to those things — just not right now.

Your temporary time boundaries…

When I’ve written about time boundaries and children, I’ve encouraged you to make it clear to children that the boundary won’t be forever, and that you’ll do something fun at a specified later time.  This gives children something to look forward to, and helps them to be patient as they wait for your “boundaried time” to be over.

Messages that are clarifying for others are also often very useful as self-talk.  Being unambiguous about the span of a time boundary, and about what will follow, allows us to not fight the limit.  We can relax and focus on what we need to, knowing that later we will be able to come back to the activity that we are delaying.

It’s a concept that works for many things…

Organizing is easier if you set boundaries. Examples include only keeping the number of books that fit into your bookshelves or the amount of paper that fits into your file cabinet.  And yes, it includes saying “no” next time someone asks you to volunteer for a committee or making certain activities “off-limits” until other tasks have been completed. These last are your temporary time boundaries.

Remember, this moment is what you have. How do you manage your time boundaries to enhance your productivity?

What might you change, starting today?

Here’s more help:

Setting and maintaining boundaries is a skill that makes everything else in your life possible. And it’s a difficult challenge for lots of smart, motivated people. People like you.

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