Your Time Heritage — How Your Past Influences Your Present

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Your time heritage is worth exploring.

Your time heritage is one part of your inheritance. You carry your time heritage with you, and it affects your present and future profoundly. So, making time to discover the childhood roots of your current relationship with time can be hugely rewarding.

Indeed, there are many things that we inherit from our families, and uncovering your time heritage, so that you can make conscious choices about what to keep and what to leave behind, will be enlightening and freeing for you.

There may be any number of ways that you adopted an approach to time that you learned long ago. And maybe now some of that works against you.  But the good news is that your parents’ time priorities don’t have to be your destiny — not if you engage in some detective work.

Your time heritage…

So, today I invite you to explore just how you may have come to live someone else’s priorities.  When you start by seeing your history with clarity and compassion, you can accept where you are.  This, in turn, gives you a solid base, as you then make choices to transform your relationship with time.

To start with, as a child, you were profoundly influenced by your family’s time choices. They taught you important messages about values. It’s where you first grappled with what’s important and what isn’t.

Take a minute or two, right now, to recall the family in which you grew up. How did each adult in your household spend time? Create a vivid picture in your mind of how they lived out their priorities, one day after another. Sense the fundamental and personal beliefs that guided their choices.  Let the picture take shape and fill itself out.

Next, quickly jot down a few observations about their use of time.

  • What came first?
  • What came last?
  • What message does this give you about their values?
  • How do your values align with theirs?

Your roadmap…

Your answers to these questions provide you with a good starting point for exploring your current time choices.  You may want to revisit this exercise to flesh out more and more details over time.  As you explore, you will illuminate patterns, some of which are helpful and some which you may want to change.

This is your time heritage. Clarifying the elements of this gives you a powerful key to transforming your relationship with time. So, what will be your first step on this new path, starting today?

Here’s more help…

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  • Who you are,
  • What you value,
  • What makes you tick and
  • How you relate to your time choices.

Understanding any ONE of these things more fully is a great gift to give yourself. So I invite you to follow your heart as you clarify your priorities and find your path with “Why Can’t I Find My Direction?” 17 Journaling Prompts to Create Your Ideal Life. Click the link below to discover more about what’s possible for you.

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