Your Time Legacy — Does it Help or Hold You Back?

Change your time legacy
You can change your time legacy…

Do you know what your time legacy is? If you want to create fresh potentials for yourself and your time, this is a concept worth exploring.

Do you sometimes feel like you run into unexpected walls when it comes to your time? Well, here’s an opportunity to explore what currently holds you back.

You can gather profound insights by traveling to your roots. From your first breath, your family’s time choices shaped you. Their time legacy still moves through you like an invisible force until you turn the spotlight on it.

As you investigate your time legacy, you’ll discover messages that you may not know you had assimilated. That may surprise or even disturb you. But there’s good news here.

Whatever you learn, you can put directly to work in your life by developing a more conscious, heart-based relationship with your own time choices.

Exercise: Your Time Legacy

Here’s a simple fill-in-the-blank exercise to help you explore the messages you’ve received about your time. I’ve focused on your parents, but feel free to add others who influenced your early development around time.

  • No matter what, my mother/father spent lots of time _________________.
  • My mother/father always wanted to ___________________________ but never took the time.
  • My mother/father spent more time _____________________________ when stressed.
  • I liked the way my mother/father always took time to ____________________.
  • I felt valued when my mother/father spent time ______________________.
  • When I was younger, I promised myself I’d never spend time doing _______________________ the way my mother/father did.
  • When I look at where my life feels out of balance and think of my parents’ time choices, I see that ________________________________________.

Pause and reflect…

What do you discover from completing this exercise?

What are the surprises?

Which of your family’s time choices do you carry with you, and how do you see yourself using them in your life?

Some of your discoveries may be bittersweet. But they are always freeing. And remember that viewing their time choices (and yours) with compassion always opens unforeseen possibilities for you.

Consider dipping into this exercise over time. See what bubbles up and don’t forget to ask your dreams for their input, too. As you let your feelings guide you, new avenues open up, deep inside. You’ll discover fresh and inspiring ways to live in time.

And here’s more help…

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